Common causes of breast sagginess and how to correct it

Common causes of breast sagginess and how to correct it

17th Apr 2018


Size is important, but there are more factors that go into the making of beautiful breasts. One of the most important elements of aesthetically appealing breasts is the extent of perkiness, youthfulness, firmness, and voluptuousness of the breasts. In other words, breasts that are tighter and youthful with raised nipples look beautiful and attractive.

Unfortunately, majority of women lose the youthfulness and firmness of their breasts over the course of their life. The breasts become saggy, hanging, and aesthetically unwelcoming. There are a number of factors that induce such changes in the breasts, such as pregnancy, breastfeeding, aging, genetics, and gravity.

The good news is that there is a popular plastic surgery procedure called breast lift or mastopexy that can restore the firmness and shape of your saggy breasts. The procedure involves the removal of excess skin from your breasts in addition to tightening the surrounding tissues and lifting the nipples and areolas to a higher position.


The common causes of breast sagging

Breast sagging is caused by a number of factors. Below are the common factors that are known to make the breasts lose and hanging over time:

Pregnancies and nursing: Multiple pregnancies and nursing are the top factors that make the breasts saggy, loose, and aesthetically unappealing. Pregnancy introduces a number of changes in the body, causing the breast to increase in size. After pregnancy, the breasts decrease in size, which causes the skin and glandular tissue to become loose. This makes the breasts appear saggy. Also, breastfeeding leads to loss of elasticity of the breast skin and tissue, particularly the nipples.

Genetics: Some women are genetically predisposed to developing saggy breasts. Over time, they may observe their breasts are becoming loose and drooping. The process can be gradual, but the breasts may be severely affected over time.

Gravity: Gravitational pull is responsible for introducing many aesthetic flaws in the body, and the breasts are primarily affected. Gravitational pull can be severe with large breasts. Combined with aging, gravity can make the breasts extremely saggy and aesthetically unwelcoming.

Aging: Aging is yet another powerful and unavoidable factor that can take a toll on the breasts’ appearance. As women grow older, the breasts’ skin loses elasticity and the ligaments holding the breast lose strength. The glandular tissue also loses its youthfulness over time. As a result, the breasts become saggy. You may particularly observe negative changes in your breasts during menopause.

Weight fluctuations: Weight changes can also trigger breast sagginess. For example, weight gain often leads to increase in breast size, and the breast skin stretches as a result. If the weight gain is massive, the skin’s elasticity may be damaged. When the patient loses weight after weight gain, the breasts decrease in size, which results in saggy breast skin because the damaged skin fails to retract to its original position.

Lack of breast support: If your breasts lack bra support, they will become saggy over time. This is particularly true if your breasts are large. The change may not be as abrupt. It can occur over a period of 30 to 40 years.


How to correct saggy breasts

No matter what has caused your breasts to sag, the condition can be corrected via plastic surgery. Breast lift, also known as mastopexy, is a popular plastic surgery procedure to restore the firmness, perkiness, and youthfulness of your breasts. The procedure can effectively treat conditions like loose breast skin, droopy breast tissue, saggy nipples, and stretched areolas.


Advantages of breast lift

  • Your breast shape, firmness, and perkiness will improve
  • Your breasts will appear youthful and voluptuous
  • Your body’s overall aesthetics and outline will improve
  • You will appear physically beautiful and experience a boost in your self-esteem and emotional health


Disadvantages of breast lift

  • The results of breast lift are not permanent
  • Over time, factors like aging and gravity will gradually make your breasts saggy again
  • You will get scars on your breasts; however, they will be hidden under your garments
  • Pregnancy after breast lift will negatively affect the achieved results


Steps of the breast lift surgery

The breast lift is a major operation. It is performed under general anesthesia or IV sedation. There are a number of techniques to perform the procedure, and the exact incision technique best for you depends on the aesthetics flaws in your breasts and your desires. Each incision types results in different post-surgical scarring.

Depending on the surgical technique you and your surgeon have agreed upon during the initial consultation, your doctor will place the pre-decided incision on your breast. In the second step, the doctor will remove the excess skin from your breasts and then lift the nipple and areola to an elevated position.

If the areolas have expanded, their size will be decreased through skin excision. If the surrounding tissue has become loose, it will be tightened. The surgeon will then re-drape the existing skin and close the incisions. The skin will be stitched together, and sutures will be used to keep the new breasts intact.


The results

Partial results of the procedure will be immediately visible; however, it will take time for your breasts to become completely firmer, tighter, and contoured. As the swelling and bruising disappear over time, your breasts will be restored to their youthfulness. It is important to stick to a healthy lifestyle because your breasts are at risk of getting easily affected by factors like weight fluctuations, smoking, and inactivity.



Breast sagginess is a common aesthetic problem faced by majority of women. The common factors that cause breast sagginess include: weight fluctuations, pregnancies, nursing, gravity, heredity, lack of proper breast support, aging, and poor lifestyle. Certain illnesses and medications can also cause the breasts to become saggy. A breast lift can help restore your perky, beautiful, firm, and youthful breasts. The procedure involves the removal of excess skin from your breasts, tightening the underlying tissues, and raising the nipples and areolas to a higher position.


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