Common questions men have about women with butt implants

Common questions men have about women with butt implants

21st Apr 2021


Men are naturally curious about the anatomy of women. Certain features attract the attention of men, and the female buttocks are among the body areas that men notice. The buttocks define your femininity, fertility, and physical beauty. The female buttocks are also the most sexualized areas of the body after the breasts. Men prefer to mate with women who have fuller, bigger, and shapelier buttocks. 

If your buttocks are smaller or flatter and the condition is affecting your self-esteem, you may consider undergoing butt implant surgery. Butt implant surgery augments the buttocks by putting external devices such as gluteal implants into the buttocks. Men are aware that many women get butt implants, and they have some common questions about women who have them. Below, I will answer the most common of those questions.

How do you feel after getting butt implants?

Whether your buttocks are naturally big or you have gotten a buttock augmentation, most men will be curious about your buttocks. Many men wonder as to how a female feels after getting butt implants. Most women who have had butt implant surgery feel better about their body image. However, the patient needs to have realistic and reasonable goals to be happy with the results. The surgeon also needs to be board-certified and experienced. 

Many women undergo buttock augmentation with implants because they have smaller buttocks that make them experience lower self-esteem. They feel insecure and have a negative body image. After buttock implant surgery, the butt size increases. As a result, the patient feels positive, and her self-esteem improves. The gradual improvement in the patient’s self-esteem leads to improvements in the patient’s overall quality of life. After the procedure, most patients saw improvements in their professional, personal, and social life. 

Do you feel the implants when sitting?

Buttock implants are artificial objects and are put into the buttocks through incisions. It is a natural phenomenon that any external object put into the body may be felt. Whether the patient will feel the implants in her butt depends on the size of the implant and the place where it has been put within.

Buttock implants are available in different sizes. If the patient chooses an implant size that is too large for her butt dimensions, there is a risk the patient may feel the implant like a physical object when sitting. This is why it is always recommended that the size of the implant should be chosen carefully. The implant should fit well inside your buttock dimensions. The plastic surgeon will help the patient select a suitable implant size.

Secondly, there are three options for placing the implant into the buttock: under, within, and over the gluteal muscle. In case the implant is large and has been placed over the gluteal muscle, the patient may feel it when sitting. To prevent this problem, most surgeons place the implants under or within the gluteal muscle where they get enough tissue coverage that does not let the patient feel the implants. 

Are you going to have the implants forever?

Butt implants are highly durable and resilient. They have a robust construction and can withstand immense pressure and weight. Gluteal implants do not rupture or deflate. They are made of semi-solid, medical grade silicone material. These features make the butt implant a permanent object. Once the patient gets the implants, they will stay in the buttocks permanently if rare but severe complications like implant infection and capsular contracture don’t happen. 

The results achieved with buttock implants are also permanent. Your buttocks will remain bigger and fuller unless and until the implants are removed for some reason. Butt implants do not pose any threat to your health. However, the surgery does carry some risks that you should discuss with the plastic surgeon during the pre-operative consultation. 

Would you suggest other women get butt implants?

If you have gotten butt implants, chances are many people have already asked you whether you would suggest other women to undergo surgery. Your experience with the operation and life after the surgery would shape your opinion of whether others should get butt implants. Women who have achieved better outcomes with the procedure would suggest other women with smaller buttocks to undergo the procedure. 

However, keep in mind that every patient has a unique body. Butt implant surgery delivers different results to different patients, depending on their existing body structure and butt dimensions. What this means is that if a friend of yours or a celebrity has achieved specific results with butt implants, you cannot expect to get the same results. The results that you might get would be unique and consistent with your overall anatomy. 

Do butt implants deliver natural results?

Since butt implants are not natural objects, you cannot expect it to provide entirely natural outcomes. However, if the implant size is chosen carefully and the surgery has been properly performed, you will achieve almost natural results with the operation. 

The patient must choose only a board-certified plastic surgeon with experience in butt implant surgery to undertake the operation. Doing so will help make the results better. Also, select the implant size carefully because using the wrong implant size will affect the results and may make your buttocks look unnatural. The size of the implant should be consistent with your existing butt dimensions and accentuate your overall body outline and physical features so that the buttocks can look naturally augmented after the procedure.

Are you happy you got butt implants and not BBL?

There are two major options to augment the buttocks: butt implant surgery and Brazilian butt lift. Many men ask women whether they are happy they got butt implants and not the Brazilian butt lift. The answer to this question depends on the aesthetic goals of the patient. Most patients are happy after getting large buttocks with butt implant surgery. 

Butt implant surgery is recommended for patients who want to have considerably bigger buttocks. The BBL is recommended for women who want to get shapelier buttocks with mild projection. The BBL involves the use of your body fat to enhance your backside. The results of BBL are not permanent, whereas those of butt implants are permanent. 

Was the surgery painful?

Buttock implant surgery is a major and highly invasive procedure. It does involve pain, which is why it is performed under general anesthesia. The patient does not feel any pain or discomforts while under the effects of the general anesthesia. 

However, as the effects of the anesthesia wear off after the surgery, the patient will experience some discomforts and pain on the operated area. The severity of the pain depends on the patient’s pain tolerance level; however, most patients report experiencing mild to moderate pain for the first 24-72 hours after the surgery. The surgeon will prescribe medications to control the pain. 

How was the recovery?

Recovery plays an integral part in shaping the results and ensuring your safety. The recovery can differ from one patient to another, depending on the post-op care and following the post-op instructions. Generally, patients can have a smooth and safe recovery if they are careful. It can take two weeks for the primary recovery to happen and six weeks for complete recovery. The patient must avoid work during the primary recovery period and strenuous activities until the recovery is complete. 

How long did it take for the results to emerge?

Many men assume that the buttocks become large immediately after the surgery. But the reality is that the results do not emerge right after. It can take many weeks and even months for the incisions to heal and the swelling to subside, after which the results will become prominent. Wearing the compression garments, taking sufficient rest, and following the surgeon’s instructions can help the results emerge reasonably quickly. 


Buttock augmentation with implants is a plastic surgery procedure that tens of thousands of women undertake in the US every year. Given the popularity and effectiveness of the operation, men have become curious about the lives of women after getting butt implants. Men like women with bigger buttocks and they want to know how the surgery helps women get such amazing buttocks. Butt implant surgery increases the size of the buttocks by putting artificial objects into the buttocks. There are many questions that men have in their minds about women with buttock implants. I have answered most of those questions in this article.

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