The Most Common Reasons to Consider Plastic Surgery

The Most Common Reasons to Consider Plastic Surgery

01st Dec 2017

People have different reasons to go under the knife. Whenever you visit a plastic surgeon to consult, your doctor will most likely ask you why you believe you are a good candidate for surgery or ask for the reasons why you want to go under the knife.

The three main reasons why your surgeon asks why is because:

• To enable your surgeon to determine if he can perform that kind of procedure. Not all plastic surgeons can perform all plastic surgery procedures. There are specialists for the most common types of plastic surgery.

• Your surgeon may also want to find out if your expectations are realistic. Some patients sometimes shock their surgeons with impossible goals, such as looking exactly like their favorite celebrity. People have unique bodies and our immune systems also vary, so it is almost impossible to have the same results as another person.

• To help your surgeon determine whether you are a good candidate and if you can benefit from the procedure. People benefit differently from plastic surgery because of our different body shapes and appearance.

The reasons you give for seeking plastic surgery will help your surgeon make a decision on whether or not to operate on you. You should have realistic expectations before deciding to go under the knife.

Plastic surgery is concerned with the maintenance, restoration, and enhancement of one’s physical appearance through surgical and medical techniques. According to statistics from the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, there has been over 500% increase in plastic surgery procedures since 1997. Plastic surgery has become a growing trend in the western world, particularly in the US. Some studies found out that the increase in the number of people accessing plastic surgery could also be as a result of the rise in the number of plastic surgeons. There are more plastic surgeons available today compared to 2000. It’s also important to note that some of these plastic surgeons are not board certified. The number of underground plastic surgeons has also increased in last few years due to the increased demand for plastic surgery procedures.

Controversial issues in plastic surgery

There are many controversial issues surrounding plastic surgery, the most common of which is the increase in the number of teens undergoing plastic surgery. A recent study found that most teens undergo plastic surgery for various reasons, including correction of facial appearance such as nose jobs, birthmark removal, and other forms of cosmetic surgery to look more attractive. Plastic surgery procedures are not recommended until a person reaches adulthood, as well as for those who are altering their bodies for the wrong reasons.

Going under the knife to make someone else happy is a wrong reason. Plastic surgery should always be a personal decision and no one else should force you into it. Make sure to weigh out your options very carefully. Respect your body because and don’t undergo plastic surgery just to make someone else happy. If you believe that plastic surgery will help your self-esteem and confidence, look for a board-certified plastic surgeon to give you proper advice.

Plastic surgery is generally a safe procedure, but the patient must be physically healthy for desired results to be met. It must also be performed by a certified, experienced plastic surgeon. Here are the most common reasons that can make an individual consider plastic surgery:

1. Genetics

One thing we cannot choose or change is our genetics. They are handed down to us at birth and our genes will determine how we will look for the rest of our lives. However, there are some genetic deformations that can be corrected with plastic surgery.

There is nothing wrong with altering one or two parts of your body, but the problem begins the moment you decide to transform everything to look like someone else. Plastic surgeons normally proceed with caution when they realize patients do not like anything about themselves and want to alter their appearance completely. A patient who despises their appearance is more likely to become addicted to plastic surgery, which is why some plastic surgeons become reluctant to operate on such patients.

2. To reverse aging

While there are many natural techniques that can be used to delay aging, people these days prefer plastic surgery over other approaches. Aging is a natural step in life that catches with us all at some time in life. Advancements in cosmetic surgery have made it easy to reverse aging through plastic surgery procedures such as facelifts, neck lifts and many more surgical procedures.

3. Skin damage from UV rays

The sun can actually become harmful to our skin, especially if exposed to sun rays for long. Tanning can also damage the skin texture and make it rough. Skin damage caused by UV rays can lead to what is known as premature aging.

4. Physical problems

Plastic surgery can be helpful when there is an area of the body that needs to be restored to its proper functioning. For instance, a septoplasty or nasal surgery can help an individual breathe better. Generally, plastic surgery can be used to correct a physical problem that prevents an individual from living a normal life.

5. To recover from pregnancy

Pregnancy can rapidly change a woman’s body, and there is always a struggle to get the body back to its former shape after giving birth. Sagging breasts and sagging tummy are some of the conditions that can be corrected using plastic surgery. While some procedures can lead to scarring, women prefer undergoing surgery rather than being left with a sagging appearance.


Any person can undergo plastic surgery as long as he or she is a suitable candidate. If you believe that plastic surgery can be a positive change in your life, make sure to consult with a board-certified plastic surgeon.

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