Common reasons why women get a breast lift

Common reasons why women get a breast lift

23rd Jul 2021


Our bodies are subject to many changes, and the female breasts are particularly more exposed to changes. Factors like aging, pregnancy and breastfeeding, massive weight fluctuations, and gravity affect the breasts in negative ways. Since women are extremely sensitive about the contour and youthfulness of the breasts, they experience lower self-esteem when the breasts undergo adverse changes. One of the problems that cause self-esteem issues for many women is sagging of the breasts. 

Saggy breasts are loose, which makes them look aesthetically unwelcoming. Women with saggy breasts look aged and less feminine. As such, most women desire to get back their firmer and youthful breasts. Fortunately, there is a plastic surgery procedure available to treat saggy breasts. The breast lift is a popular procedure that effectively restores the firmness and perkiness of the breasts. Here are the common reasons why women get a breast lift:

Reasons why women get a breast lift

While there isn’t a precise age or turning point when a woman’s breasts start to become saggy, the condition is more common in women aged above 35 years. However, the breasts can become saggy anytime during your life, especially after women after the age of 20 years. The breasts are firmer and youthful during teenage years. During this time, your body produces enough collagen to keep the skin firmer and in good health. Also, the breast muscles are tighter. Afterwards, the breasts may become saggy due to different factors that cause women to seek a breast lift.

– Breast sagging due to aging: Aging is a dominant and leading factor that affects one’s physical appearance. It is a significant cause of breast sagging in women. As you age, the collagen production in your body plummets. This affects skin elastin, including breast skin. When the breast skin becomes weaker and loose, it causes the breasts to become saggy. This happens because the breast skin is not strong enough to hold the breasts firmer and higher. 

The weight of the breasts weighs down the skin. If your breasts are large, you will be more at risk of age-induced breast sagging. To eliminate the effects of aging on the breasts, many women resort to the breast lift. The procedure has an impressive record of effectively treating age-induced breast sagging. After the surgery, you will look younger because your breasts will become firmer and perky. 

– Breast sagging due to pregnancy and breastfeeding: Motherhood is one of the best experiences in a woman’s life; however, pregnancy and nursing can have adverse effects on the shape and firmness of the breasts. While pregnant, women gain weight and the breasts increase in size. There is a limit to how much the breast skin can extend without affecting skin elastin. When the breast skin stretches beyond that point, the elastin is damaged. And after childbirth, the size of the breasts decreases. However, the skin fails to recoil back to its pre-pregnancy position. As a result, the breasts become saggy. 

Many women choose to nurse their babies, which is yet another primary cause of breast sagging. Pulling of the nipples during breastfeeding not only makes the nipples saggy but also affects the overall contour of the breasts. As a result, the breasts become saggy. To get rid of the effects of pregnancy and nursing on the breasts, many women choose to undergo a breast lift. The breast lift effectively enhances the breasts by making them firmer and tighter again. However, keep in mind that the breasts need to normalize and become stable before you undergo the breast lift. You must wait for at least six months after you stop nursing to get the breast lift.

– Breast sagging due to weight loss: Many women get breast lift to treat sagging induced by massive weight fluctuations. Keep in mind that the breasts are made of a significant portion of fat. The fat in the breasts works in the same way as the fat in other parts of the body. What this means is that weight change can affect the breasts in the same way as it affects the fat in other areas of the body. When you experience a significant weight loss, the fat in the breasts will shrink. If the weight loss is severe and prolonged, your body will liquefy the fat in the breasts. As a result, the breasts will become saggy. Many women seek breast lift to get back their firmer and youthful breasts after a significant weight loss. 

Restoration of self-esteem: Another main reason why women get a breast lift is to restore their self-esteem. No matter what the leading cause of breast sagging, many women with saggy breasts experience lower self-esteem. Women are generally more image-conscious, and they are incredibly sensitive about their body aesthetics. When the breasts become saggy, it makes women look aged and unattractive. Saggy breasts also affect your overall body outline and anatomy. 

Saggy breasts lead to lower self-confidence for many women. It leads to negative and pessimistic thoughts. Many women undergo a breast lift to get back their higher self-esteem and positive body image. The good news is that lower self-confidence can affect your overall quality of life and a breast lift can save you from many negative consequences of saggy breasts. A breast lift effectively restores higher self-esteem. 

Fitting well in clothes: Saggy breasts cause other problems as well, and one of the problems that women with saggy breasts experience is that they don’t fit properly in their clothes. To fit appropriately in your clothes and look aesthetically welcoming, you may opt to undergo the breast lift. After the procedure, your breasts will become firmer and perky. As such, you will fit properly in your clothes. 

Professional reasons: Many women with saggy breasts also undergo a breast lift for professional reasons. Many professions and positions require aesthetically welcoming and younger people. Examples of such occupations include the media, sales, customer service, publicity, and showbiz. If you have saggy breasts, you may not be able to do well in these professions because saggy breasts can make you look aged and unattractive. For this reason, many women undergo a breast lift. The breast lift makes the breasts firmer and youthful. Improvements in the breasts also help improve your overall body outline. 

Signs you require a breast lift

Every woman has a unique body, and the factors explained above affect them in different ways and at different paces. Many women wonder whether they need a breast lift. You should consider getting a breast lift if your breasts have become moderately or severely saggy and the condition is affecting your self-esteem. If your nipples are pointing low and the breasts are hanging down, you may consider getting the breast lift. 

However, keep in mind that not all women with saggy breasts are good candidates for the surgery. There are some requirements that you have to meet to qualify for a breast lift. The plastic surgeon will examine your breasts and assess your health and goals to determine your candidacy for the operation. You should have good health and realistic goals to be a good candidate for a breast lift. 

How is the surgery done?

The breast lift is a major surgery that involves incisions and removal of the excess skin from the breasts. The procedure is performed under general anesthesia. A board-certified anesthesiologist will administer the anesthesia, and the surgeon will start the operation by making incisions on the breasts. The type of incisions depends on how saggy the breasts are and what improvements you want to get.

After making the incisions, the plastic surgeon will tighten the separated and loose breast muscles through the incisions. He will then reposition the nipples higher on the breasts so that they can appear perky and point forward. If the areolas are large, the surgeon will reduce them by removing the excess skin from the sides. 

In the next step, the plastic surgeon will remove the excess skin from the breasts. He will then re-drape the remaining skin and then suture and close the incisions. You will go through a complete recovery process. Most of the recovery will happen during the first two weeks; however, full recovery can take six weeks. 


The breasts are among the most cherished aesthetic assets of women. However, they are exposed to changes resulting from aging, weight loss, gravity, and pregnancy and breastfeeding. These factors cause the breasts to become saggy and aesthetically unwelcoming. As such, many women with saggy breasts decide to go under the knife. The surgery restores firmer and tighter breasts by tightening the breast muscles, removing the excess skin, and repositioning the nipples. Many people wonder as to what are the common reasons for women to get a breast lift. I have answered this question in detail in this article. If you want to get the breast lift, be sure to consult with a board-certified plastic surgeon who is experienced in the procedure.

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