Comparing bbl to butt implants

Comparing bbl to butt implants

10th Mar 2018

There are plenty of solutions out there for people looking for a buttock augmentation and a butt lift. The most interesting and most commonly performed are probably the Brazilian butt lift and the buttock implants augmentation.

Most people already know that the Brazilian butt lift, also known as BBL, can provide the necessary lift together with an augmentation of the buttocks, to create the prominent curve desired by many. Why then this need for silicone butt implants if everything can be achieved with fat transfer.

Today, we will try to compare the Brazilian butt lift to buttock implants surgery in order to see which demographic they are each targeting.

The Brazilian Butt Lift

The Brazilian butt lift has two stages: the first step is to harvest fat from donor areas (usually the abdomen, flanks and thighs) in the least traumatic way for the patient and for the fat tissue. The harvested fat is then deposited in a sterile receptacle and purified, then injected at various depths into the buttocks to increase the projection and enhancement.

The liposuction process of fat harvesting is quite easy when using tumescent liposuction. After the fat is purified, it will be reinjected into the buttocks. While injecting, the plastic surgeon will massage the butt for balanced distribution of fat and to assess the tension in the butt tissues, as this is an important factor in maintaining the results after the procedure. An experienced plastic surgeon will know that, even if possible, injecting enormous quantities of fat is not feasible because the blood vessels of the muscular butt tissue and the ones under the surface of the skin won’t be able to provide nutrition and vascularization for such a huge quantity of fat. This being so, a good part of the injected fats will simply be lost and reabsorbed into the body. When considering this aspect of the Brazilian butt lift, many patients fail to understand that the practice of “less is more”, works really well in this case. Know that a minimum of 700 cc of fat will be injected into the buttocks, so you don’t have to worry that the results will be invisible after the procedure is performed. It will be enough!

The butt implants surgery

The buttock augmentation procedure with gluteal implants requires the introduction of a silicone butt implant filled with a special cohesive gel under the gluteal muscle. Compared to the breast implant, the butt implant is softer but more solid as this area will be subjected to more pressure each time the patient sits down.

Just like with breast implants, the gluteal implants come in various sizes in different shapes The plastic surgeon’s recommendation is highly important when it comes to choosing the right size and shape for your implants. Some patients, in their desire to get a butt worth remembering will want to have the biggest gluteal implant available, but the truth is, the bigger the implant, the higher the possibility of complications arising.

The surgeon makes an incision on top of the buttocks or an incision under the buttocks, in the fold in between the butt and the thigh or an incision that will descend on the line in between the butt cheeks. The surgeon will then fashion a pocket where the implants will be inserted. Just like in breast augmentation with implants, three options are available and the most commonly used incision will be the last one. Even if the incision in between the buttock crease has a higher rate of infection, it is the preferred cut of most surgeons since it leaves an almost invisible scar.

Comparing BBL to butt implants:

The Brazilian butt lift only uses natural tissue such as the patient’s own fat tissue for the augmentation and the lifting effect, compared to the butt implants that require the insertion of a foreign object in the body. The BBL offers a more natural result but can only be performed if the patient has enough fat in the donor areas for the doctor to harvest and then reinject in the butt. When there are hardly any excess fat tissues in the abdomen, flanks and thighs, the only viable solution available for the patient to enhance the appearance of the buttocks is butt implants surgery.

The recovery period after the Brazilian butt lift is shorter vis-à-vis the buttock augmentation with implants, and the complications are fewer too.

As explained, the Brazilian butt lift involves the use of liposuction that removes excess fat deposits in targeted areas like the abdomen, hips, and thighs. A tiny waist delivers the fabulous curves that accentuate the attention getting effects of the enhanced, shapelier, firmer and perkier butt.

The buttock augmentation procedure performed with gluteal implants and without liposuction or fat transfer can be a bit disappointing for the patient who has a big waistline and not enough curves in the hips. A traditional butt implant surgery simply increases the size of your butt and provides the volume to create the shape. However, it does not address other issues in the hips, waist and thighs unlike in the Brazilian butt lift. The results will therefore not be as dramatically spectacular. However, butt implants done by a skillful and talented surgeon can have longer lasting and more permanent results. Allow us to just point out that the natural aging process and gravity are critical factors that can affect the appearance of the body and the buttocks in the long run.


The Brazilian butt lift can only be recommended to patients who have enough fat tissue in certain donor areas where the plastic surgeon can get the fat to be transferred to the buttocks. When no such fat deposits can be found on the patient’s body, the next best thing to do is butt augmentation using gluteal implants.

A Brazilian butt lift delivers dramatic results like a firmer and shapelier silhouette, a tinier waist, natural looking perky buttocks, and a slimmer tummy and thighs. Gluteal implants can have longer lasting and more permanent results but while the buttocks may look shapely and bouncy, the patient might still be left with a large waist and small hips if that was the body profile before the surgery.

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