Comparing breast implants with gluteal implants

Comparing breast implants with gluteal implants

24th Apr 2019



Many people often get confused when they first hear about butt implants and breast implants. Some people even assume that both of these implants are the same thing. However, as the names suggest, butt and breast implants are meant for different uses. Butt implants are used to increase the size of the butt whereas breast implants are used to make the breasts bigger, projected, and fuller.

Breast implants and butt implants have a different construction. Also, they have a difference in durability and the results they deliver. However, there exist some similarities between the two implants, particularly in terms of complications and risks. Patients should keep in mind that the surgeries used to place both of these implants in your body are major operations. You should undergo these procedures only as a last option and only when the benefits are higher than the risks.


Difference in construction

Breast implants and butt implants are different in terms of construction. There exist two types of breast implants: silicone and saline. The silicone implant is made of a silicone shell that is pre-filled with silicone gel. On the other hand, the saline implant is made of a silicone shell that is filled with a sterile salt-water solution after placing it inside the breasts.

On the other hand, the buttock implant is made of a highly durable, semi-solid silicone material. The silicone used in butt implants is highly cohesive. As a result, once you get the implant, you can live with it for a lifetime if major issues don’t arise. Unlike breast implants, you should not be required to remove and/or replace the implants after some years.


Difference in durability

Breast implants are not very durable objects. They are fragile and the patient has to be careful after getting them. Most manufacturers of breast implants provide a 10-year warranty for the implants. If your breast implants leak or rupture before 10 years, the manufacturer is responsible for replacing the implants free of cost.


While the implants have a tendency to rupture or leak any time after the surgery, it is more likely after the first 10 years. The risk of implant rupture or leak increases with the passage of time. However, many patients have lived with breast implants for fifteen and even twenty years without complications. How long the breast implant will serve you also depends on how the surgery has been performed and how careful the patient has been during recovery and afterward.

No matter how careful the patient is, breast implants have to be ultimately removed and/or replaced due to rupture or leaks that can happen as a result of wear and tear over time. When the saline implant ruptures, it can be noticed because your breasts will deflate. On the other hand, it is hard to diagnose the rupture of a silicone implant because your breast will not deflate or change shape immediately. You must get an MRI to detect rupture of a silicone breast implant. If a rupture or leak has happened, you can opt to remove and/or replace the implants.

When it comes to buttock implants, they have a major plus point in terms of durability, thanks to the construction of the implants. Unlike breast implants, butt implants do not contain silicone gel. Instead, they are made of highly durable and cohesive silicone material. Once you get butt implants, they will stay in your butt permanently given that major complications like implant displacement, capsular contracture, and infection don’t occur.

In case these complications happen, the patient may be required to have the implants removed. You can get new implants some months after removal of the implants. However, in majority of cases these complications don’t happen, which means you are not required to remove or replace the implants. Still, you must be careful with selecting your plastic surgeon for the procedure.

It is also possible that you will be dissatisfied with the results of the surgery. You may think your buttocks are too large or still small. As a result, you may opt to remove and replace the implants during a new surgery.


Difference in results

Like the difference in construction and durability, there also exists a difference in the results. Both of these implants are made for different uses. Breast implants are meant to add projection and volume to smaller breasts. After getting the implants, your breasts will appear bigger and shapelier. If a proper implant size and profile have been chosen, you can expect to be satisfied with the results. In case a wrong implant type, size, or profile has been used, you may want to have the implants removed and replaced.


While breast implants have a good record of delivering the desired results, the results are not permanent, just like the implants are not permanent. At some point in time, the implants will rupture or leak, which can affect the achieved results. It means the results of breast implants are not sustainable.

On the other hand, the results of buttock implants are permanent. The results are sustainable because butt implants do not rupture or leak. They can withstand immense pressure and strain without the results being affected. If you have buttock implants, you can live with the results for a lifetime. Butt implants effectively enhance the derriere by adding volume and projection to it.

However, certain complications can affect the results of butt implants. For example, if a capsular contracture happens, it can change the shape of your buttocks. To get rid of the condition, you will have to undergo a new surgery to remove the implants along with the scar tissue.


Implant placement options

Breast implants are inserted and placed inside the breasts through incisions. The same holds true for butt implants. However, when it comes to where the implants are placed within the breasts and buttocks, there exist some differences. Breast implants can be placed underneath or above the breast muscles. Most surgeons and patients prefer the former option because it provides better tissue coverage to the implants. However, your plastic surgeon can tell best which implant placement option is best for you.

On the other hand, there are three options for placing the implants inside the buttocks: under, within, or above the pectoral muscle. In most cases, the first two placement options are used as they provide more tissue coverage to the butt implants, which helps prevent certain complications like palpability, rippling, and capsular contracture. Again, your surgeon will examine your buttocks and then tell you which placement option is suitable for you.


Size and shape of the implants

Both breast implant and butt implant sizes are measured in cc. Both implants are available in different size options. As a result, patients have a wide variety of options when it comes to selecting a suitable size for both the breast implant and butt implant. Furthermore, the implants are available in different shapes. For example, the breast implant is available in round (silicone) and teardrop shapes, whereas the butt implant is available in oblong and round shapes.

Which size and shape of breast or butt implant are right for you depends on your existing breast and butt dimensions, body outline, BMI, height, and aesthetic goals. The plastic surgeon will discuss the options with you during the pre-operative consultation. The surgeon will also take certain measurements of your body to recommend you a suitable implant size and shape.


Common complications in both implants

Both breast implants and butt implants procedures are major operations. They are highly invasive, which means they entail risks. Some of the complications that may happen are common between both procedures. The common problems include capsular contracture, implant rotation, infection, and abnormal scarring. The plastic surgeon will discuss the possible complications with you in advance of the surgery and give you instructions to reduce the risks. The good news is that advancement in plastic surgery has reduced the risks of these complications. However, the procedures are not entirely free of risks.



Many patients find it hard to differentiate between breast implants and butt implants. They often think the same implant is used to enhance the breasts and buttocks. However, the fact is that different implants are made for augmenting the breasts and buttocks. This article has discussed the details of both implants at length. If you want to know more about these implants, you should consult with a board-certified plastic surgeon who is experienced in performing breast and butt implant procedures.


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