Complications due to the unsuitable size of gluteal implants

Complications due to the unsuitable size of gluteal implants

30th Apr 2019


The implants used for butt implant surgery are different from the implants used for breast augmentation. The reasons behind this fact are obvious: the breasts need to be smooth and with a softer consistency, similar to their natural tissue, while the buttocks should be toned and harder to the touch. The implants made for each body feature are made so to emulate in the best possible way the natural tissues of that feature. Gluteal implants are created to give the impression and feel of toned gluteal muscles after the surgery.


Just like breast implants, choosing the right size and shape for your particular case is important not only to achieve a good and satisfactory aesthetic result but also to help you avoid unwanted complications.


You might have researched online or talked to friends or acquaintances who got butt implants, and you may have already decided exactly what you want in terms of size even before the initial meeting with the plastic surgeon. It is essential to keep an open mind and to understand that choosing butt implants should be a decision to make together with the plastic surgeon. You might have your mind set up on implants that are too big for your anatomy, and this is a sure way to experience complications after butt implant surgery is performed.


Here are a few of the complications that can occur due to the unsuitable size of gluteal implants:


–    Wound opening

The implants are inserted into the tissues of the buttocks, in a pocket created either inside the gluteal muscles or behind them. However, the volume of butt implants is directly dependent on the amount of tissue that is initially on the buttocks. If you have very small buttocks and there is not enough tissue to properly cover big implants, chances are you might be confronted with wound opening after the procedure. This happens when the volume of the implants is just too big to be contained in the tissues of the buttocks, and the pressure they create causes the incisions to open.


–    Implant visibility

This can happen when thin patients with insufficient fat tissue on the buttocks get implants that are overly big for their petite frame. Just like breast implants, butt implants can become visible if the tissues of the buttocks don’t properly cover them. In some cases, this can be corrected by getting fat transfer to the buttocks.


–    The patient can’t adjust to the size of the buttocks post-op

It is not uncommon for patients to come and ask for the biggest butt implants possible to be inserted during surgery only to realize a few months after the procedure that they can’t get used to the new size of the buttocks and they find it uncomfortable. Make sure to discuss this with the plastic surgeon and ask his recommendation for implant size.

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