Complications that can occur during the first month after bbl

Complications that can occur during the first month after bbl

25th Jan 2020


The Brazilian butt lift is among the most desired plastic surgery procedures today. Women see it as a dream come true as it allows for the removal of fat from areas such as the tummy and its transfer to the buttocks. The results are an increased volume of the buttocks, better shape, and also a lifting effect. However, it can take a while for the final results to transpire. The first two weeks are probably the most difficult for the patient and associated with a more intense level of discomfort due to the fact that sitting on the buttocks needs to be avoided at all costs, as well as sleeping on the back.

Also, it is during the first month post BBL that most of the potential complications associated with the procedure can occur. Here are some of them:


  1.   Anesthesia complications

As is the case with any other surgery, the patient can suffer complications associated with the use of anesthesia. Because it can be a quite lengthy procedure, plastic surgeons and patients alike often prefer general anesthesia when the Brazilian butt lift is performed. This means that the patient should not eat or drink anything for at least eight hours before the procedure, otherwise the risks of having a complication are much higher. 

  1.   Deep vein thrombosis

This complication occurs when a blood clot forms and blocks a vein. It is a severe complication that can threaten the life of the patient if not treated immediately. To avoid deep vein thrombosis after a Brazilian butt lift, you should stop birth control medication a month before the procedure is scheduled and get off the bed as soon as possible after the surgery. Walking for a few minutes every couple of hours after the procedure can reduce the risks of developing this complication. 

  1.   Fat embolism

This complication occurs when a fat clot gets into the bloodstream, which is another life-threatening complication that requires immediate treatment. Make sure to choose an experienced board-certified plastic surgeon to play out your BBL if you want to minimize the risks.

  1.   Fat necrosis

Fat necrosis is more common for patients who smoke before and after the BBL. The plastic surgeon will recommend you to stop smoking at least three weeks before the procedure and avoid smoking for three more weeks after to keep complications such as fat necrosis at bay and ensure you get satisfactory results. 

  1.   Excessive blood loss

The risk for excessive blood loss is increased when the patient takes anti-inflammatory medication or certain natural supplements in the weeks before BBL. Your plastic surgeon will ask you to avoid taking any pills without his consent, especially pills with a blood thinning effect. 

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