Concerns about getting a breast reduction

Concerns about getting a breast reduction

10th Sep 2021

Patients interested in undergoing plastic surgery to reduce the size of their breasts can be interested in finding out the details about the surgical plan and the recovery period to minimize their concerns. 

Just like any other plastic surgery procedure, there are certain complications that can occur during or after breast reduction surgery. To avoid or minimize the risk of developing a complication, it is important to choose a talented and experienced, board-certified plastic surgeon and to follow his recommendations to the letter. Here are a few concerns patients have about getting a breast reduction and a few details about them:

1.    Pain

After undergoing any type of surgical procedure, the patient will experience a certain level of pain and discomfort. This is normal and can’t be completely avoided, but the plastic surgeon will prescribe pain medication to help alleviate the pain. Keep in mind that the pain can occur after the effects of the general anesthetic are gone when the patient is already home. Avoid lifting heavy objects and lying on the tummy to reduce the pain. 

2.    Duration of the recovery 

Another concern of people interested in getting a breast reduction is about the duration of the recovery period. Taking time off from work as well as the responsibilities around the home is important after this surgery, and most plastic surgeons advise patients to take about two weeks off for the recovery period. The actual duration of the recovery period is dependent on the healing process of each patient, as well as whether complications occur or not. Younger patients with no preexisting health conditions tend to heal faster than more mature patients. 

3.    Scars

Scars are unavoidable after breast reduction surgery. Generally speaking, patients desiring to undergo breast reduction surgery consider that the results of the procedure are worth it to be left with scars. The scars are localized around the areola, from the areola’s edge towards the inframammary fold, and in the fold under the breasts. The technique used for the breast lift is dependent on the amount of glandular tissue to be removed. The more tissue in excess, the more scars will be needed. 

4.    Sustainability of the results

Many patients who are interested in breast reduction surgery are concerned about the sustainability of the results. In other words, they want to know whether their breasts will grow again after the procedure. In most cases, the results of breast reduction surgery are permanent. This means that the patient will not experience an increase in the volume of the breasts later on in life, but this can change if the patient’s condition changes. For example, if the patient gets pregnant or gains weight after breast reduction surgery, chances are the breasts will grow a little as well. Also, a slight increase in breast size can also occur during menopause.

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