Consider a breast lift following childbirth

Consider a breast lift following childbirth

15th Jan 2015

Pregnancy and childbirth bring many physical changes for women. Aside from the obvious pregnancy bump, the breasts may increase a couple of cup sizes during pregnancy and breastfeeding. This specific physical change has primarily to do with the sudden surge of the hormone estrogen, which causes the woman’s milk ducts to swell and branch out in preparation for breastfeeding.

It’s another story, though, after a woman has ceased breastfeeding (or if she chooses not to breastfeed). The milk ducts shrink, as they will be no longer be needed. When the milk ducts shrink, the breasts lose volume and start to sag. Women who just finished breastfeeding come to our practice complaining that their breasts have suddenly “emptied out.”

Unfortunately, sagging breasts following pregnancy will not revert back to their original position because there are no existing support structures such as muscle and ligaments. A supporting bra may help reduce the discomfort and improve the appearance of sagging breasts but this isn’t a physical solution. A breast lift is the only permanent solution, removing excess skin around the breast area and lifting the breasts for a perkier appearance.

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