What to Consider When Thinking About a Neck Lift

What to Consider When Thinking About a Neck Lift

06th Jun 2014

It has been said that there are two specific body parts that will almost always give your age away — the hands and the neck. It looks like a lot of men and women are now aware of such fact as last year’s plastic surgery statistics revealed a significant increase in the number of neck lifts.

Here at our Houston cosmetic surgery practice, we have also noticed an increasing number of patients showing interest in improving the appearance of what is commonly known as the turkey waddle — fleshy and sagging neck, jowls, and neck banding. In addition, excess fat underneath the chin area and the neck is also one of the main concerns for patients who seek Dr. Cortes’ neck lift surgery expertise.

If you’ve been considering having one of last year’s popular surgical cosmetic procedures for a while now, it pays to know what the procedure can specifically do for you.

Specific Problems Remedied by a Neck Lift

While certain types of injectables and non-surgical procedures such as laser can improve the appearance of your neck, a neck lift is ideal for the following concerns:

  • droop or laxity of the skin in the neck
  • mild or moderate wrinkling
  • appearance of excess fat beneath the chin and neck
  • appearance of “bands” which are a result of persistent contraction of the neck muscles

By and large, a neck lift may be done alone or in conjunction with other procedures such as a face lift, liposuction of the neck, and administration of Botox and other dermal fillers.

Preparing for Your Neck Lift

During your initial consultation for a neck lift, expect the following to be assessed and evaluated:

  • your cosmetic goals or desired outcomes and expectations from a neck lift procedure
  • past and present medical conditions, history of allergies to anesthesia, certain drugs, and food
  • previous surgeries
  • current medications and supplements
  • lifestyle such as alcohol and smoking habits, adherence to specific diets
  • photographs may be taken
  • a thorough physical assessment of your face and neck may be done, measurements may be taken
  • a discussion of how to prepare for the procedure
  • a discussion of potential risks and complications and how to avoid them

Your Neck Lift Consultation with Dr. Cortes

Choosing a highly experienced plastic surgeon like Dr. Cortes is one of the components of a successful outcome in a neck lift. Let us help you evaluate your neck lift expectations and come up with a personalized neck lift surgery plan. Call us at 713.234.6244 or fill out this contact form to schedule a personal consultation with Dr. Cortes. We look forward to your visit!

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