Considering all appearances of butt implant surgery

Considering all appearances of butt implant surgery

11th Jul 2019



Buttock enhancement procedures are recommended for men and women who want to improve the appearance of their buttocks. There are different procedures that can be performed with this aim in mind such as butt implant surgery, butt lift, and fat transfer to the buttocks. Each procedure is recommended for a certain type of patient, depending on the expectations from the procedure and the anatomical characteristics of the patient.

Butt implant surgery can also be combined with either the butt lift or fat grafting to get better results and efficiently correct the imperfections of the buttocks. After the surgery, the patient should have a more impressive projection of the buttocks and also a better shape and increased volume.

Increasing the size of the butt by means of plastic surgery is gaining more popularity with each year around the world. Nowadays slender figures with no buttocks or breasts are no longer considered sexy or appealing. The modern standards of beauty are all about having beautiful proportions and curves in all the right places, including the buttocks.

For patients interested in getting bigger buttocks with the help of plastic surgery, it is important to consider all aspects before scheduling the procedure.


Different types of plastic surgery procedures performed on the buttocks

Before deciding you need implants to improve the appearance of your buttocks, you should know that this is just one of the procedures that might be recommended for you by the plastic surgeon during the pre-operative consultation. If you have saggy buttocks with an unsightly appearance due to massive weight loss, the plastic surgeon might recommend butt implant surgery with a butt lift that will remove the excess of skin tissue. Butt implant surgery can also be combined with fat grafting in case you need a further definition for the buttocks or have little butt tissue to provide proper coverage for the implants. 

Just like breast augmentation, we have two procedures with the aim of achieving an augmentation of the buttocks: butt implant surgery and injection of fat into the buttocks. The choice of one or the other operation depends on the profile of the patient, the objective of the remodeling of the buttocks that is desired, and also the sex of the patient. The surgery performed on the buttocks must make it possible to reach the desired aesthetic result and to take into account the way of life the patient has. For example, for patients active in sports, the best choice is often to get implants and not fat transfer. In the end, the new buttocks should have a more aesthetic and bouncy appearance, accentuating the form of the patient and her femininity. 


Considering different aspects of butt implant surgery

The projection of the buttock is an essential parameter of the beauty of the buttocks. It is the result of the mass of the gluteus maximus muscle, associated with the arch that is made by the buttocks and the lower part of the back. The universal beauty ideal is to have big buttocks, large hips, and a slim waist. These are the characteristics of the hourglass silhouette that is so sought after by women from all over the globe nowadays. 

Increasing the projection of the buttocks can only be achieved by using implants. Butt implant surgery entails the use of implants made out of a highly cohesive silicone. The implants are inserted into the buttocks after incisions are made, and a pocket is created either inside the gluteal muscles or under them if the patient has little butt tissue. 

Butt implants are not similar to breast implants, even if they are made out of silicone as well. Butt implants are made to withstand increased levels of pressure as we use the muscles of the buttocks during all sorts of activities. Moreover, we sit on the buttocks and lie on our back. Hence, the level of pressure put on them even when no efforts are involved is more intense than what breast implants have to endure. Butt implants don’t have to be replaced after the warranty expires and the only reason why an explantation might be necessary is in case the patient develops a complication. 

The type and size of gluteal implants will be chosen together with the plastic surgeon during the pre-operative consultation. The procedure is performed in less than two hours if no other procedures are combined with it. There are multiple benefits to getting butt implants, and among them are:

  1.   Permanent results
  2.   A considerable increase in the volume and projection of the buttocks

The gain in volume obtained after buttock surgery by implant placement is immediately visible. The final result is assessed 2 to 3 months after the surgery, which is the time that the buttocks relax and the position of the implants stabilizes. The sensitivity of the buttocks is preserved and these implants are worn for life. We say that the results are visible immediately and permanently because the volume of the buttocks is dependent on the implants used. 

When fat grafting is performed, the volume of the buttocks is not so easy to estimate or control, especially considering the fact that a certain percentage of the fat injected into the buttocks will be reabsorbed into the body over the first two months post-op. Moreover, the results of butt injections with fat are dependent on the patient’s ability to sustain a stable weight after the procedure. If the patient loses weight after lipofilling, the fat cells injected into the buttocks might lose volume, causing the buttocks to appear smaller. With butt implants, their volume will always stay the same, whatever weight fluctuations might occur. 

Now, considering the projection and volume provided by butt implants, they are not comparable at all with what can be achieved with fat transfer. There is a limited amount of fat that can be injected into the buttocks in one lipofilling session. The limitation is first given by the amount of fat that can be safely removed with liposuction in one session. This amount is no more than six to seven liters of fat. This fat is then processed, and we are often left with no more than 2 liters or less of fat to be injected into the buttocks. Some of this fat will also be reabsorbed during the first month post-op, so it is not reasonable to expect to get a Kardashian butt in one session of fat grafting. But with implants, you can achieve the desired augmentation in just one session just by getting the right type of implants for your particular body shape. 


Cost of butt implant surgery

An important aspect that patients interested in butt implant surgery should also consider is the cost of the procedure. The overall price of the operation includes the cost of the stay in the aesthetic clinic or hospital, the operating room fees, the fees of the plastic surgeon, and the anesthetist. Therefore, the price of the procedure may vary according to its complexity, the surgeon performing it, and the medical facility where it will take place. Also, make sure to add the cost of the gluteal implants to have the whole sum before deciding to go through with the procedure. If additional procedures are combined with the butt implant surgery such as liposuction, fat transfer to the buttocks, fat transfer to the hips, or butt lift, the cost of the procedure will reflect this. However, it is cheaper to undergo combined procedures than to have the same procedures performed at different times, months apart. 

But the cost of the procedure shouldn’t be the most important aspect when choosing a plastic surgeon. A responsible, board-certified plastic surgeon shouldn’t make any concessions when it comes to the safety of the patient and the quality of the work and materials, and this is the most important thing.



Butt implants are a good option for patients who want to add more volume to the buttocks and get a more impressive projection. The procedure is a complex and delicate procedure that should only be performed in an accredited medical facility by a board-certified plastic surgeon. There are different aspects to consider when thinking about getting butt implants, and all of them are important to help you make the best decision. Also, when considering the procedure, make sure to find out what the cost will be before scheduling the procedure.


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