Considering the volume of the breasts before mastopexy

Considering the volume of the breasts before mastopexy

16th Sep 2019


Just like any other surgical procedure, the first step towards achieving your aesthetic goals with the help of plastic surgery will entail a consultation with the plastic surgeon. Depending on the type of procedure you are interested in undergoing, the plastic surgeon will perform certain measurements and check the conditions of the tissues in the areas of the body to be treated with the procedure. Your overall anatomy, body height, and weight will also be taken into consideration before developing the surgical plan. Depending on the type of procedure, the plastic surgeon will bring up different issues to be discussed during the initial consultation. When it comes to the breast lift, the plastic surgeon will bring up the topic of the size of your breasts. 

Breast ptosis is a condition that affects patients with normal, smaller and larger breasts at different times in their lives. This means that patients resorting to plastic surgery to correct this condition can have different volumes of the breasts. In general, mastopexy doesn’t significantly change the volume of your breasts, and this is one fact that the plastic surgeon should emphasize during the pre-operative consultation as some patients expect that with the lifting they will also notice an increase or decrease in the size of the breasts. 

Considering the volume of the breasts before mastopexy is important if you want to get satisfactory results. It is quite common for the procedure to be performed either together with implants or a breast reduction to correct the volume of the breasts, aside from their position on the chest wall. But to recommend the right type of procedure or combination of procedures to be performed, the plastic surgeon needs to be aware of your desires and aesthetic goals. Keep in mind that the breast lift only elevates the breasts and has little effect on the weight and volume of the breasts. 

After performing precise measurements, the plastic surgeon will probably ask you about the size of the breasts and whether you are happy with it or you’d like to change it. While different patients will feel satisfied with different sizes of the breasts, if the breasts are over a D cup we consider that they are large for the patient’s anatomy while an A size is considered underdeveloped. If after the measurements the plastic surgeon notices that your breasts are either overly small or overly large, he will ask whether you want to correct that imperfection as well. Keep in mind that combining multiple procedures might have a different cost than having just a breast lift, but it comes with the advantage of considerably improving the appearance of the body in just one operation. 

If your breasts are of a normal size and you want them bigger after the breast lift, make sure to let the plastic surgeon know so he can recommend the type and volume for the implants to be used.


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