Contouring the male anatomy with implants

Contouring the male anatomy with implants

05th Jan 2020


Plastic surgery no longer addresses just female patients. Nowadays more and more men resort to plastic surgery to enhance their bodies or correct physical imperfections. While a big booty is certainly a symbol of femininity and sex appeal, men desire to increase the size of their buttocks as well. Having buttocks that are too small compared to the rest of the anatomy or overly flat or saggy can be just as an unsightly appearance on a man’s body as it is for a woman.

Contouring the male anatomy with implants is commonly performed nowadays. The procedure is also called butt augmentation with implants, and the surgical plan is similar to the one performed on female patients. Also, we use the same types of implants for men and women. What is different between contouring the male buttocks with a woman’s is that we don’t use fat transfer very often to refine the result. The results achieved after using implants in men look completely natural if the right type of implants was chosen during the pre-operative consultation.

What is important for male patients to know before undergoing this procedure is that it is performed under general anesthesia and has a rather short hospitalization period. Within a few hours, the patient is discharged from the medical facility and free to return home for the recovery period.

The recovery period can be a bit stressful for patients, especially if they are used to sleeping on their back as the plastic surgeon’s recommendations are not to put any pressure on the butt for three weeks and avoid sleeping on the back for the same amount of time. There are severe complications that could be triggered if the patient is not paying attention and is not dedicated to following these instructions to the letter. 

Most patients make a fast and smooth recovery after butt implant surgery. Daily activities can be resumed within the first two weeks post-op, and most patients can return to work two to three weeks after. However, it is important to avoid intense pressure on the buttocks for a minimum of four to eight weeks as it might cause the shifting of the implants and an unsightly appearance of the buttocks.

The augmentation of the buttocks is visible immediately after the surgery; however, male patients should know that it can take up to six or eight months for the final results to transpire. The implants need time to settle and drop in their pockets, so the results will refine with the passing of time. Moreover, immediately after the procedure, the operated area will be confronted with swelling and bruising, which are natural side effects of the operative trauma. These side effects will disappear within a few weeks without treatment. 


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