Contraindications for mastopexy

Contraindications for mastopexy

19th May 2019


Mastopexy is one of the fastest growing cosmetic procedures in the US. Also known as breast lift, the procedure enhances female breasts by making them firmer and tighter and is an effective treatment for saggy breasts. Females are susceptible about the shape and size of their breasts. When the breasts become saggy, it creates self-esteem issues. As such, many women decide to undergo mastopexy.

The surgery removes the excess skin and fat from the breasts and tightens the breast muscles, making the breasts youthful, sexy, and tighter. Mastopexy involves incisions and tampering with the breast tissues and muscles. It entails risks, which is why your candidacy for the surgery will be thoroughly assessed. There are absolute contraindications for the operation, meaning that not all women can get the breast lift. If you have those contraindications, you should avoid going under the knife.


Before the pre-operative consultation

Before the pre-operative consultation, the patient should do her research and know the details of the surgery. Be sure to access valid and reliable material to increase your understanding of the operation. Doing so will help you ask relevant and important questions during the consultation session.

Keep in mind that mastopexy is major surgery and not all women can qualify for the operation. The procedure entails many risks and side effects. It is essential for the patient to know these risks and side effects even before consulting with a plastic surgeon.

When it comes to the selecting the plastic surgeon, you must choose him carefully. A significant part of the aesthetic results and your safety depend on the experience of the plastic surgeon. Make sure to select only a board-certified plastic surgeon to carry out the operation. A good plastic surgeon will discuss the contraindications of mastopexy with you during the consultation session.

Your candidacy for mastopexy

Your candidacy for mastopexy will be determined during the pre-operative consultation. If you want to know whether it is right and safe for you to get mastopexy, you must consult only with a board-certified plastic surgeon. The plastic surgeon will take a look at your breasts, ask you questions about the improvements you desire to achieve, assess your health, discuss the risks with you, and then tell you whether you should get mastopexy.

Many factors can affect your candidacy for the surgery. If the doctor finds these contraindications, you will be advised to avoid going under the knife because either the operation will not help you achieve your cosmetic goals or it will be unsafe for you.

The surgeon will analyze the contraindications against your overall health and aesthetic goals. If the risks are more significant than the benefits for you, then you must not get the breast lift. Also, it is crucial for the patient to discuss her aesthetic goals, besides sharing her expectations from the surgery and discussing her health history with the surgeon.

The doctor will also take specific measurements of your breasts. From the findings made during the consultation, the doctor will tell whether the contraindications are serious. If they are so, he will advise you to avoid the surgery because your health and life are more important than the aesthetics of your breasts.  

The surgeon will also carefully check the elasticity of your skin and your skin tone. The specific problems that exist in your breasts will also be assessed. Your lifestyle will also be taken into account when determining your candidacy.  


Contraindications for mastopexy

  1.   Your breasts are firmer and shapelier

If your breasts are already firmer and shapelier, you do not need to get a mastopexy. Numerous women go for mastopexy with no reason or inspiration and without comprehending what the procedure can do for them or what it is meant to achieve.

Keep in mind that mastopexy enhances your breasts by treating the sagginess and making them firmer and shapelier. If your breasts are already firmer and youthful, there is no compelling reason to get the breast lift. In such a case, the doctor will encourage you to avoid mastopexy.

You ought to ask someone else or a friend or family member to see your breasts and let you know whether you require an uplift of the breasts. This approach of analyzing your breasts will give you an unprejudiced perspective. Additionally, your plastic surgeon will look at your breasts to check whether they are indeed saggy.


  1. Saggy breasts do not affect your self-esteem

Many patients do have minor or significant aesthetic flaws in the breasts, but they are not all that worried about the condition. They don’t face self-confidence issues. They aren’t concerned about how their breasts look. Also, deciding to undergo mastopexy is personal, meaning that you should do it for yourself and not to make someone else happy or give in to the pressure of other people.


  1. Your goals and expectations are not realistic

Many women who have saggy breasts keep unrealistic, unreasonable, and unachievable expectations. Some even assume it will change their breasts and body to make them look like superstars. The procedure can enhance your breasts and treat the sagginess, but it cannot transform you into another person or a celebrity.

You should not expect unreasonable things from the breast lift. Your objectives ought to be sensible, achievable, and reasonable. When the surgeon finds out that you are expecting unrealistic things from the operation, it is an indication that you are not a good candidate for the procedure.


  1. You abhor scarring

Mastopexy is an obtrusive procedure. Regardless of what surgical technique is employed, you will get scars on your breasts. If you have no resilience for scars, you should stay away from getting mastopexy. Scars are unavoidable in breast lift because the methodology cannot be performed without incisions. In any case, the scars will be less visible and turn out to be less evident after some time. They will remain with you for all time, however.


  1. You have serious health problems

Your wellbeing is the most crucial factor that will be assessed while deciding your candidacy for mastopexy. Breast lift accompanies many dangers. You should not get the procedure if the risks are more than the advantages for you. You must collaborate with the surgeon to analyze the benefits and risks of the surgery. You should stay away from the surgery in case:

  • You are experiencing coronary illness or hypertension
  • You have diabetes
  • You have a blood coagulating problem
  • You have a weak immune system
  • Your respiratory system does not work properly


  1. You can’t quit smoking and certain drugs

A breast lift is a major procedure, and if you are a smoker, your doctor will encourage you to quit smoking no less than two weeks before the procedure and remain a non-smoker during the recovery. If you are not prepared for this, you won’t be a good candidate.

You will be advised to stop smoking because it hampers the healing and recovery process. It can lead to many complications, both aesthetic and health-wise. Additionally, there are some drugs like blood thinning medicines and certain foods that you’ll be required to stop before the surgery. If you are not ready for it, you will not be a good candidate for the surgery.


  1. You are not prepared for the recovery process

Recovery after mastopexy is often a lengthy process. You will be required to take at least two weeks off work and remain in bed instead. Some patients are not prepared for this. Additionally, you won’t be permitted to participate in physical exercises for no less than six weeks after the procedure. To be a good candidate for the surgery, you need to be ready for the recovery process, which can be quite discomforting and overwhelming at times. If you are not prepared for it, it is a contraindication for the breast lift surgery.



Mastopexy, which is also known as a breast lift, is an essential and useful aesthetic surgery. It is used to treat saggy breasts. After the surgery, your breasts will become firmer, tighter, youthful, and sexy. While the procedure can provide you with amazing outcomes, like all invasive procedures, it entails risks. For this reason, not all women qualify for the procedure.

Your candidacy will be thoroughly assessed, and if the contraindications that have been explained above exist, you will be advised to avoid the procedure.


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