Correcting butt imperfections

Correcting butt imperfections

14th Nov 2019


When it comes to the appearance of the buttocks, many people nowadays complain of having buttocks that are too small or saggy. There is no doubt about the fact that the appearance of the buttocks affects how we look and also how we feel about ourselves as the buttocks are an important feature of the body for both men and women. This is the reason why more and more patients of both sexes resort to butt enhancement procedures. 

Correcting butt imperfections is possible today with the help of plastic surgery. Patients from all over the world have access to state-of-the-art techniques that can be used to improve the appearance of small or saggy buttocks. The procedure commonly performed to correct butt imperfections is butt augmentation with implants. There are other procedures available such as the Brazilian butt lift and the traditional butt lift that can help patients get the buttocks they desire, but for small and saggy buttocks, the plastic surgeon will recommend butt implant surgery in a vast majority of cases. 

The reason behind this is very simple actually. Butt implants allow for a considerable increase in volume achieved in one single session. Moreover, the volume of the butt will stay the same, whatever changes occur in the body, as it is dependent on the volume of the implants used. This means that if the patient loses weight, the butt will still be bigger, unlike what happens when fat transfer has been used for augmentation purposes.

When the plastic surgeon wants to correct butt imperfection with the help of implants, chances are he will recommend an implant size and type that will help the patient achieve natural results. In some cases when the patient desires a more significant augmentation with little buttock tissue insufficient to cover the implants, the plastic surgeon might recommend combining implants with fat transfer. Generally speaking, correcting butt imperfection can require a combination of techniques, especially if the imperfections are very visible or significant. 

With the help of butt implant surgery, we can correct butt asymmetries, small buttocks, and also saggy buttocks. If the sagginess is severe (often the result of massive weight loss), the plastic surgeon might recommend combining butt implant surgery with a traditional butt lift which implies the surgical excision of the excess skin present in the area.

To make sure you get the best results possible and minimize the potential complications, it is important to choose a talented, board-certified plastic surgeon to play out your procedure and guide you through this process. 


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