Correcting imperfections of the silhouette with plastic surgery

Correcting imperfections of the silhouette with plastic surgery

08th Aug 2019

Correcting imperfections of the silhouette with plastic surgery

Plastic surgery can be used to correct not only imperfections that can occur or are present on the face but also on the body. Nowadays, there are many people not happy with the appearance of their silhouettes. The unsightly appearance of the body can be caused by a hectic lifestyle with unhealthy choices, multiple pregnancies, the natural aging process, or weight fluctuations. All these factors can contribute to creating a silhouette that is not very appealing for both men and women. 

Generally speaking, men resort to plastic surgery to correct imperfections such as adipose accumulations in the midline and feminine-looking breasts. The procedures that are commonly performed on men are liposuction and gynecomastia. For patients who have undergone bariatric surgery, tummy tucks are commonly requested, and for those who have buttocks that are underdeveloped, butt implant surgery is also in demand. As you can see, the modern man makes use of plastic surgery methods and techniques to correct imperfections of the silhouette and achieve a more aesthetic appearance.

However, it is still women who are leading the top when it comes to undergoing plastic surgery. The most desired feminine shape is the hourglass body shape. Unfortunately, studies show that less than 8% of the feminine population is actually born with this shape. For the rest, there is little that can be done to get the beautiful curves that characterize the hourglass silhouette, aside from undergoing plastic surgery. Different procedures have been developed and improved in time to help women achieve the silhouette of their dreams such as the hourglass tummy tuck, the hourglass mommy makeover, the hourglass hip procedure and so on. Women from all over the world are undergoing plastic surgery to correct imperfections of the silhouette.

Generally speaking, to achieve a more alluring body shape, liposuction is necessary in a vast majority of cases, as well as fat transfer. They are used in combination to change the disposition of fat in the body and to create curves in all the right places. Aside from liposuction and fat transfer, other procedures might be necessary to enhance the appearance of the areas important for the hourglass silhouette: the breasts, waist, and hips. The dimensions of the shoulders or breasts should be similar to the dimensions of the hips, while the waist should be about 20% smaller than the hips. What is often necessary for the plastic surgeon is insert breast implants to make the circumference of the breasts more impressive, perform liposuction on the abdominal wall and the flanks, and even a tummy tuck if skin sagginess or loose muscles are present, and also transfer fat to the hips to give them more volume. Correcting the imperfections of the silhouette with plastic surgery often entails undergoing combined procedures.

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