Correction methods for mammary atrophy

Correction methods for mammary atrophy

01st Jan 2019

Mammary atrophy can occur in both men and women. In men, the atrophy of the breasts can be a good thing and it can be the result of the medications prescribed to correct gynecomastia. On the other hand, in women, atrophy of the breast doesn’t bring a positive result. Women who have this may feel really conscious about the appearance of their breasts.

Mammary atrophy results in the appearance of sagging breasts or breasts that are losing their volume and shape. It is also brought about by different things. Due to its effects on the appearance of the breasts, many women are willing to undergo treatments to correct it.

Causes of mammary atrophy

Mammary atrophy is something that most women wouldn’t want because it will negatively affect the appearance of their curves. Losing volume on the breasts can also lead to sagging breasts. There are a few reasons why this happens, such as the following:

– Menopause: When a woman reaches the menopausal age, there are changes that occur in her body such as the decrease in the amount of estrogen produced. This leads to various effects including mammary atrophy.

– Post-partum effects: Some women notice mammary atrophy after breastfeeding or after giving birth. The atrophy, in this case, could be caused by the decrease in the amount of hormones produced by the woman because they have stopped breastfeeding.

– Anti-estrogen treatment: For women who have breast cancer, it is common for their doctors to prescribe anti-estrogen treatment, which causes the decrease in the amount of estrogen produced in the body. This would in turn cause atrophy of the breasts.

– Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS): In women who have PCOS, atrophy of the breasts is one of the signs of its presence. This condition affects the ovulation process, and tiny cysts can be seen in the ovaries through an ultrasound procedure. Because of the affected ovulation process, the female hormones are also affected and this would also result in the atrophy of the breasts.

– Malnutrition, eating disorder or weight loss: Malnutrition or restrictive diet resulting in weight loss can also have an effect on the body’s capacity to produce the hormones needed by a woman to maintain their appearance. An eating disorder can also cause this because there are not enough nutrients in the body for it to function well.

How to correct mammary atrophy

Mammary atrophy can make the breast look flat or saggy, which is why there are lots of women who are looking for ways or methods on how it can be corrected. There are different ways on how to correct mammary atrophy, including the following:

– Hormone therapy: Hormone therapy is an effective corrective procedure for mammary atrophy for those who are lacking the estrogen hormone. In this procedure, the estrogen that isn’t produced by the body will be replaced so that the normal functions of the body will continue.

Aside from the estrogen hormone, there can also be other female hormones that would be included in the treatment. Taking in only estrogen can be harmful to the body because it makes a woman more prone to cancer. Progesterone is usually the other hormone that is taken in with estrogen therapy.

– Plastic surgery: Another way to help correct the effects of mammary atrophy is to undergo plastic surgery. There are different kinds of plastic surgery that can help make the breasts look more attractive. Depending on what you wish to have and what your breasts currently look like, doctors can perform surgery on your breasts.

Plastic surgery for mammary atrophy

There are different surgical procedures that can be done to correct the appearance of the breast due to mammary atrophy. A woman can choose to undergo either a breast implant surgery or a breast lift surgery.

Breast implant surgery

A breast implant surgery is useful for those who want to bring back the fullness of their breasts. This is a good procedure for those who still wish to make sure that their breasts remain the same size as they were.

The breast implant procedure makes use of silicone gel implants to augment the breasts and make them look rounder, bigger and perkier. The implants come in various sizes so the woman can achieve the previous size or fullness of their breast and even get bigger breasts than what she had. The breast implant procedure is very common nowadays, and it can be done even when a woman doesn’t experience mammary atrophy.

Breast lift procedure

The breast lift procedure is another type of plastic surgery that can help correct the appearance caused by breast atrophy. It is a procedure that removes the excess skin in the breasts to make them look perkier. It is also used for women who have sagging breasts.

Women who experience breast atrophy after they have given birth and breastfed can benefit well from this procedure. If they do not wish to increase the size of their breasts, they can at least remove the excess skin to improve the appearance of their breasts.

A breast lift can be done in a variety of ways, and in some procedures, there would be a need to move the nipples into a different position. The nipples may be raised in a higher position to make them look more proportional.

The best patients for the breast lift surgery are women who have no future plans of bearing a child. Childbearing can cause the skin on the breasts to become loose, which could also lead to the sagging of the breasts. A woman who has undergone a breast lift procedure can still expect her breasts to sag if she gets pregnant again.


Mammary atrophy results in a more pleasing appearance for men who have gynecomastia but on the contrary, it negatively affects the confidence of women who have them. Mammary atrophy is when the breasts seem to lose their size or shape due to a variety of factors such as menopause, post-partum effects, anti-estrogen therapy, polycystic ovary syndrome, and malnutrition.

Correcting mammary atrophy is possible through estrogen therapy with other hormone therapies and through plastic surgery. The two types of plastic surgeries that can correct the appearance brought about by mammary atrophy are the breast implant surgery and breast lift surgery.

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