Cosmetic Surgery Options for breasts

Cosmetic Surgery Options for breasts

07th Dec 2017

Many women with smaller, extremely large, or droopy breasts often have low self-esteem and feel that it affects their productivity because they are unhappy with their appearance. They think that their aesthetic appearance is not in conformity with the modern standards and definition of beauty. While many women have naturally small breasts, there are others who have very large or saggy breasts. This can be caused by factors like aging, pregnancy, genetics, illness and drastic weight changes.

Fortunately, there are a number of options available in cosmetic surgery to enhance your breasts. The most popular cosmetic surgery options for the breasts are breast augmentation, breast reduction and breast lift. Also, cancer patients who have undergone a mastectomy can use the breast reconstruction procedure to restore their breasts’ appearance as close as possible to how it previously looked or even better.

Now, let’s take a closer look at each of the popular breast cosmetic surgery options.

Breast augmentation

Otherwise known as augmentation mammoplasty, the breast augmentation surgery increases the size of the breasts and sculpts them to make them shapely, perky and aesthetically appealing. If your smaller breasts are negatively affecting your self-confidence, productivity and social and personal life, the breast augmentation surgery may be the solution to boosting your self-esteem.

Women undergo the breast augmentation procedure for various reasons. While many patients use the surgery to enlarge their breasts, others use it to restore the shape of their breasts after pregnancy and breastfeeding. On the other hand, there are women who choose breast augmentation to correct their asymmetrical breasts.

Two options to augment your breasts:

  1. Breast augmentation with implants
  2. Breast augmentation via fat transfer

Breast augmentation with implants

If you are looking to significantly increase the size of your breasts, your surgeon may recommend you to have breast implants. There are two types of breast implants: silicone and saline. The silicone breast implant is made of a silicone shell that comes pre-filled with silicone gel. As for the saline breast implant, this is a silicone shell that the surgeons insert in your breasts and then fills it with a sterile saline solution afterwards.

The breast implant is placed inside the breast through an incision in the armpit, areola or the lower breast crease. The implant can either be placed underneath the chest muscle or above it, but most plastic surgeons prefer the first option because it comes with less risk of implant rippling.

A saline implant requires a smaller incision than a silicone implant because it is filled with saline solution once it is positioned inside of the breast. This means that the patient would have relatively less prominent scars after the surgery. However, silicone implants provide better results than saline implants. The results of saline implants are slightly unnatural, making the breasts appear like a round balloon filled with water.

The breast augmentation procedure with implants is quite straightforward. The plastic surgeon will first assess your eligibility for the procedure, ask you questions about your aesthetic goals and expectations, and examine your overall health. If you qualify for the procedure, you will be scheduled for the surgery.

The surgical procedure starts with the incision, which will be used to place the implant inside your breasts. Once the implant is positioned in the intended place, the incision will be closed.

The surgery is normally performed on an outpatient basis. The patient should be aware of the risks and potential complications of the surgery before making a decision to go under the knife.

Breast augmentation with fat transfer

Breast augmentation via fat transfer is an effective and safe plastic surgery for women who want to achieve a mild to moderate increase in the size of their breasts. The procedure involves the use of your own body fat to augment your breasts instead of foreign objects like implants.

This procedure has a good record of delivering impressive results. As compared to silicone and saline implants, using your own body fat is safer and delivers more natural results. After breast augmentation with fat transfer, your breasts will not only increase in size to a certain extent, but also be perky, tighter and aesthetically appealing. Also, your breast movements will be completely natural.

Your plastic surgeon will assess your overall health, medical history, breast composition, aesthetic goals and fat donor sites before declaring you are eligible for the surgery. Having enough fat is particularly important for this procedure because this will affect whether it is even possible or not. The surgery starts with the suction of unwanted fat from the fat donor sites in your body, such as the abdomen, upper back, sides, flanks and thighs. The extracted fat is then purified and transferred to your breasts through tiny incisions. When the ideal size, shape and proportion are achieved, the surgeon will then close the incisions. It is worth noting that scarring is relatively less profound and visible through this procedure.

Some of the results of breast augmentation via fat transfer will be apparent immediately after. However, it will take at least a month before you’ll be able to see the complete results. The final results of the surgery will only be visible after the inflammation and bruising have subsided.

While the risks and potential complications of breast augmentation via fat transfer are relatively smaller, the risks associated with the surgery are still there, such as infections, bleeding, seroma, hematoma, fat embolism etc.

Breast reduction

Breast reduction is another popular cosmetic surgery for the breasts. This procedure is for women who are unhappy with their large breasts. It may come off as surprising to you, but many women with abnormally larger breasts are dissatisfied with the size. Some women even feel embarrassed because of their larger breasts. More often than not, these women are particularly unhappy because of the physical discomfort they feel, like neck and back pains caused by the weight of their unusually large breasts.

The breast reduction surgery can help you by decreasing the size of your breasts. You should discuss your ideal size and overall expectations before the surgery to find out your surgeon’s opinion. Once your surgeon agrees and sees that you are fit for the surgery, you will finally be able to get your ideal sized breasts. Moreover, you will no longer feel any physical discomfort and emotional pain related to your breasts.

The surgery is normally performed under general anesthesia on an outpatient basis. Depending on your health condition after the procedure, you may be allowed to go home a few hours after the surgery.

The surgery, which takes about 2-4 hours, starts with the surgeon creating an incision around the nipple and down on the breast like an aperture. The surplus skin, fat and breast tissue would then be removed through the incision, and your breasts and nipples will be sculpted and repositioned to the ideal shape.

This surgery also comes with some general as well as specific risks and potential complications. In order to better prepare yourself, make sure to discuss the procedure and the risks with your surgeon beforehand. If you are a smoker, you will be told to stop smoking a few weeks before the surgery to decrease the risks. Remember, you should go for this surgery if you think the benefits of the procedure are greater than the risks for you, and if you are willing to strictly follow your doctor’s instructions.

If you are planning to have more children, you will be advised to postpone your breast reduction surgery because pregnancy and breastfeeding can have negative effects on the results of breast enhancement surgeries. Furthermore, in order to qualify for the breast reduction procedure, you must have overall good health and realistic expectations from the surgery.

Breast lift

The breast lift, also known as mastopexy, is a popular plastic surgery procedure to enhance your breasts. This surgery is for women who feel insecure of their loose, saggy breasts. There are a number of reasons this can happen, such as a result of pregnancy, breastfeeding, aging, genetics or illnesses. Furthermore, many women have weak skin, which fails to support their breasts, causing them to droop.

The breast lift procedure removes the extra, saggy skin from your breasts, making them higher, firmer, perkier and tighter. During the consultation, your plastic surgeon will assess your overall health and breast condition to see if you are even eligible for the surgery. Breast lift is a major surgery so you must ask your surgeon about the risks involved in the surgery and disclose any health problems you might be suffering from, or any medications you might be taking or have taken in the past. This may affect the results of your surgery.

As for the process, the surgery starts with the incisions, followed by the removal of the surplus skin. There are different incision types, and depending on your aesthetic goals and current breast shape, your doctor will recommend what is best for you. Even though the surgery will help make your breasts aesthetically appealing and sexy, you should be aware that it causes permanent scars. Not to worry, this will eventually fade and become less visible.


There are a number of cosmetic surgery options available for women who are not satisfied with their breast size and/or shape. All of the breast surgical procedures are capable of enhancing your breasts and boosting your self-esteem, but choosing the right procedure for you depends on your current breast composition and aesthetic goals. Having said that, you should acquaint yourself with the risks and complications involved in the surgery before making your final decision. More importantly, you should select a board-certified plastic surgeon to perform the procedure.

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