Cosmetic surgical procedures for men

Cosmetic surgical procedures for men

26th Oct 2017

Our society places a lot of value on the physical aspect of an individual, which is why most people are very interested in looking young and in having a good physical shape. Nowadays, even men of all ages and different lifestyles request for plastic surgery interventions to improve their appearances or correct certain body or face imperfections.

For men, they usually aspire for the following alterations: a better-looking nose, a rejuvenated face, a smaller waist or better-defined chest and abs. The procedures used for these purposes come with various prerequisites. For example, factors such as the thickness of the skin, the patient’s overall anatomy and the medical history of the patient have to be considered before one can be considered eligible for any plastic surgery.

This article is meant to discuss some issues related to men who seek plastic surgery interventions. The purpose of the article is to offer general information on this topic. However, the answers to certain questions are highly dependent on individual particularities. For more details and indications of a certain cosmetic procedure for men, get in touch with your plastic surgeon.

Planning the cosmetic surgical intervention

The initial meeting with the plastic surgeon will help you gauge whether or not plastic surgery is the right solution for you. It is essential for you to be honest and establish a good rapport with the plastic surgeon when it comes to your surgery.

During the initial consultation with the surgeon, you will be asked to explain in detail your expectations for the procedure and how you want to feel and look once the surgery is done. It is absolutely imperative that you discuss these things openly with the plastic surgeon. You must be sure of yourself and the plastic surgeon should be on the same wavelength as you.

The plastic surgeon will evaluate your health condition and examine your physical body, then the pre-operative pictures will be taken and he will present you with the most adequate surgical techniques that can correct your imperfections. You will also discuss the type of anaesthesia to be used, the potential risks involved and the costs of the procedure.

It is recommended that you talk to your surgeon if you feel uncomfortable during the consultation or require something different. But the most important thing is to have realistic expectations of the intervention. Keep in mind that the plastic surgeon can considerably improve the way you look, but he can’t offer you perfection. And you should also consider that your age and health condition may influence the quality of the result.

The surgical intervention

The detailed information on how the plastic surgery intervention will be performed is presented during the consultation. The plastic surgeon will explain certain issues that may occur during the procedure, as well as the potential complications that can influence the result of the intervention. Make sure that you understand and accept the explanations, but don’t be shy or hesitate to ask more questions if some things are not clear enough. This may be crucial to your recovery.

Cosmetic surgery for the face

For surgical interventions of the face, your plastic surgeon will first evaluate the area to be treated and check if you have facial scars or skin lesions caused by extended sun exposure.

Generally, it is a fact that the male facial skin is better vascularized than the women’s skin. The faces of men can bleed more and are predisposed to the development of hematomas. At the same time, any resulting scar from a cosmetic surgery is more difficult to hide as men don’t wear makeup or hairstyle that can cover parts of the face.

Double chin is an imperfection that bothers many men and women alike. In young patients, the liposuction of the area is usually sufficient to achieve better results, however, for mature patients, a facelift might be necessary.

Aesthetic procedures such as eyelid surgery, nose surgery or face implants are performed in the same manner in both men and women. However, it is important to relay to the plastic surgeon that you want a more masculine aspect of the facial features such as a chin with an improved projection, a more prominent nose and so on.

Liposuction and body remodeling for men

The ideal shape of a male’s body is usually for it to be supple and athletic, with wide chest and shoulders, flat abdomen and a narrow area of the thighs and hips. Unfortunately, as we get older, the fat tends to accumulate around the abdomen area, the flanks (the so- called love handles), the breasts and along the cheeks and the neck. For this reason, liposuction is usually requested to remove the fat deposits from areas that are difficult to address with diet plans and physical exercises.

Liposuction of the gynecomasty is the only viable solution for a vast majority of men confronted with enlarged breasts. Voluminous breasts that have a negative impact on the masculine aspect of the body is one of the most common reasons why men require plastic surgery.

In most of the cases, liposuction can correct this imperfection. Men are known to maintain their skin elasticity for a longer time, and the fat deposits are firmer and muscle is better vascularized than in women. Because of these and other factors, liposuction on men is usually a very effective method to use for body remodeling.

Men confronted with skin laxity or an abdominal pouch or with extended areas of adipose excess can choose to associate liposuction with a traditional excisional procedure (surgical skin excision). This can also be performed on patients with gynecomastia, when the enlargement of the breasts is the consequence of glandular excess rather than a fat surplus.

The abdominal reduction

A complete tummy tuck is an elective procedure suitable for men who have an abdominal apron that usually occurs as a consequence of significant weight loss or neglected/ not treated hernias. The tummy tuck is a complex plastic surgery intervention that will remove the excess skin, tighten the muscles of the abdominal wall and remodel the waist. Men who undergo the complete tummy tuck procedure are often surprised by the necessity of a longer recovery period. Some patients need as much as four weeks from the intervention to resume their work.

Men with a good skin elasticity and with a moderate fat excess can benefit from liposuction . Liposuction can provide amazing results and has a much shorter recovery period. However, it is only your plastic surgeon who can determine and recommend the most suitable cosmetic surgery procedures for your specific case. Choosing a procedure performed contrary to the advice of your surgeon, can lead to unwanted complications and a less than satisfactory post- operative result.

Keep in mind that both the liposuction and the tummy tuck procedures are not recommended for men who are severely overweight or obese. These procedures will give better results for patients who have more or less normal weight and find it difficult to get rid of localized fat deposits in certain areas of the body.


It seems that the society’s beauty standards have influenced men too. Lately, the number of men interested in undergoing cosmetic surgical procedures has increased exponentially. The reason why men want to have plastic surgery is mainly to regain or achieve the physical features that are considered symbol of manhood, those associated with body harmony, physical strength and youthfulness.

Up until a few years ago, three out of four patients of the plastic surgery clinics were women. Nowadays, men show more and more interest in this type of cosmetic procedures. Hence, some practices might find out that half of their patients are men.

The plastic surgeons all agree that aesthetic procedures have a positive psychological impact and can considerably improve the quality of the patient’s life. However, you need to keep in mind that plastic surgery is not like going to a beauty salon for a manicure. The cosmetic surgical procedures should only be performed when there is a strong medical indication for it and only as a last resort.

There are male patients who are led to believe that plastic surgery interventions can be used as a substitute for sports and healthy eating regimen. This is not true. With age, the skin loses flexibility and the fat deposits tend to accumulate even more in areas such as the chin, neck and tummy. Undergoing liposuction to get rid of the fat excess or even a tummy tuck will help you improve your body aspect, but to sustain the results, regular physical exercises are required, as well as a healthy lifestyle regimen. While the plastic surgeon can help you achieve the six pack of your dreams, you, as the patient, are the only one who can make the results permanent or at least keep it for a longer period of time. Remember, we can erase some of the signs of aging, but the process will continue after the cosmetic procedure was performed, impacting the results. Thus, you should also do your part in order to sustain the results as long as possible, but also realize that change is inevitable as we grow older.

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