Creams that make your butt bigger

Creams that make your butt bigger

17th Nov 2017

Even before Sir Mixalot popularized the song, “I like big butts/Baby Got Back, there has been that unquenchable fascination and hankering for a big butt with some women bemoaning the lack thereof. The rise of the Kardashians has brought back the obsession for the big butt that can be traced way back in the 1900s. It goes without saying that many women are not born with big butts, which has simply whipped up the desire to have one. The Internet is flooded with articles and video tutorials that all aim to help you get a bigger buttock with the least amount of effort. There are also exercise buffs that go through some rigorous workouts to achieve the buttocks of their dreams. Some manage to get some results, while others are left with an even bigger disappointment. Aside from exercising and trying to put on weight in a futile effort to make the butt bigger, the market is also flooded with creams that promise an almost overnight increase in the volume of the buttocks. Do they work? Well, let me put it this way, if they did, do you think people would punish themselves in the gym or go for plastic surgery when there is a painless alternative like creams? These so-called buttock augmentation creams promise to increase the volume of fat on your buttocks to give you a more impressive projection. Is this even possible? Let’s discuss, in detail:

Buttock augmentation creams

The creams designed to augment the volume of the butt and to make it shapelier and rounder can be found in all types of stores and supermarkets. Their prices vary depending on brand, promises and packaging. Some people equate price with guarantee. They believe that the more expensive the product, the higher the chances that it will work. We had patients coming in after trying multiple times to augment the size of their buttocks through this method, starting with a cheaper product and then going for something quite expensive with the hope that the price will make a difference in the results. The reality is that it doesn’t, and specialists from all over the world have repeatedly advised gullible consumers to not fall for this advertising hype. There is no miracle buttock augmentation cream in the market, then and now, that can deliver on its promise to transform shape and size of your buttocks. The truth is, it would indeed take a miracle to fulfill their promise. Why is that so?

When rubbing the cream into the skin, all active ingredients that are supposed to target fat in just that area will be absorbed by your body. The ingredients of the cream can be all natural or made of strong chemicals. Either way, once applied to your skin, it can get absorbed into your system. Even when we are considering topical medications and cream, it is important to know that they don’t just act in the area they are applied on, but travel through your body through your bloodstream, sometimes affecting the liver. It is therefore quite impossible for a cream to target such a specific area as the buttocks with any impressive results. The promise to increase the fat deposit in your buttocks is also highly improbable because aside from affecting more than the area that it was applied on, some of the creams can’t even be absorbed by the body because they have thick consistency. What happens, is that the cream will merely sit on the skin while barely penetrating the dermal layer.

If you have heard cases of people using the buttock augmentation creams and seeing extraordinary results, you should demand to see pictures. Even then, how can you be sure that the person in the pictures hasn’t used other means to enhance their buttocks such as gluteal implants or a fat transfer to the buttocks?

Following the trending of buttock augmentation and big butt phenomenon, there were dozens, if not hundreds, of buttock augmentation cream brands that came out in the market. Do know that this only means that firms are buying in and capitalizing on the buzz and interest and it is not a testament to the beneficial effects of the cream and its capacity to deliver on their advertising promise.

If you need advice or you are seriously looking to improving your butt, we can help you with a few suggestions that will actually work and deliver great results.

Buttock augmentation lingerie and clothes

Believe it or not, there are actually panties especially designed to add some volume to your buttocks. There are also brands of clothing that have been developed around the concept of buttock enhancement, such as special cuts used for the jeans and other clothes in order to create the illusion of a shapelier and more curvaceous butt. The lingerie and clothes are sometimes available in supermarkets, but mostly on specialized sites. Amazingly, it is quite comfortable and functional as manufacturers use undetectable silicone pads that are sewn in the panty, just like the push-up bras.

This is of course, just temporary and illusory, short-term solution designed to give you a more attractive silhouette when you go out to some event. When you take them off, you will still have the same buttock you always had.

For a solution that will last longer, we can suggest some exercises.

Buttock augmentation through exercising

Exercises can increase the muscular mass on your body. Will this mean that you’ll get a free buttock augmentation if you keep going to the gym? The answer is, in most cases, a No. To be able to get impressive results, you will first need to have the anatomy for it. The buttock shape is hardly modified by exercising. Of course, the muscles will be toned and you will feel more energized with all the endorphins flying around, but don’t go buying a new pair of larger pants soon after hitting the gym.

There are also sports and exercises that can help you tone the muscles on your butt such as walking, swimming, volleyball, skating and so on.

But as mentioned, the only permanent solution for buttock augmentation available at the moment, is plastic surgery. There are two methods that can enhance and considerably improve the appearance of your buttocks and the results are more lasting with proper care. We are talking about butt augmentation through gluteal implants and fat transfer procedure.

Buttock augmentation with butt implants

The gluteal implants are made out of silicone placed in a pocket within the gluteus maximus muscle area of the buttock to create an impressive projection and shapelier shape to the glutes. The gluteal implants come in several shapes and sizes, so you will most certainly find one that is right for you. This plastic surgery technique has its limitations as well as risks involved. Because it involves the insertion of a foreign object into the body, negative side effects can occur such as bleeding, infection and capsular contracture. That aside, the results are usually quite impressive and your buttocks will look and feel like muscles toned at the gym.

This type of buttock augmentation intervention has a lengthier recovery period compared to the next procedure we will talk about and the costs are also higher. Still, it is probably the best procedure if you want to see impressive results in your butt overnight.

Buttock augmentation with fat transfer

The fat transfer to the butt is probably the most complete method used for buttock augmentation. While the silicone implants can be placed only in the superior part of the buttocks, the fat transfer procedure can fill in and correct any imperfection in the buttocks. The plastic surgeon can completely reshape the butt and also target the hips if it is necessary. While the increase in volume is usually much less compared to gluteal implants, the results look more natural yet firm.

The fat transfer procedure to the buttocks can be done to both men and women who want to enhance the appearance of their buttocks in a natural way. The intervention includes harvesting of excess fats through liposuction from one or more areas of the body where there are adipose deposits. The harvested fats are purified and then reinjected to the buttocks.

Both plastic procedures require the patient to be in healthy condition, have realistic and reasonable expectations from the intervention, and properly understand the risks and potential complications that are part and parcel of any surgery as well as those common to this procedure.


There are no creams that can make your butt bigger, but certainly, there are solutions for people hankering for some form of buttock augmentation. The market is flooded with buttock augmentation creams as a result of this global trend popularized by Kim Kardashian and J. Lo. Everybody seems to want a big butt! The reality is that if those big, round and shapely buttocks were achieved through a miracle butt cream, the creator and manufacturer would probably be the wealthiest man on Earth.

Despair not! Buttock augmentation is still possible through sports and plastic surgery, and with impressive and long lasting results, too.

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