Current trends in plastic surgery

Current trends in plastic surgery

22nd Sep 2020

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Plastic surgery has been around for hundreds of years, with the 21st century seeing a huge surge in the demand for plastic surgery and advancements made in the field. Aside from the random and unforeseen breakthroughs or new trends that suddenly pop up, the most effective way to see where the trend is headed is to look at the recent statistics of plastic surgery. 

The American Society of Plastic Surgeons releases statistics about different plastic surgery procedures frequently, and it gives us good ground to see the current trends in plastic surgery. There is no doubt that plastic surgery procedures will improve as time passes and new and more effective and safer options will come around. In this article, I will discuss the current and new trends in plastic surgery.

Plastic surgery is trending among men

The leading among all the current trends in plastic surgery is the growing number of men seeking plastic surgery. Yes, we have known it for the past two years that on the whole, male patients are by far becoming more comfortable with cosmetic procedures. Previously, it was a taboo for men to undergo plastic surgery, but now that stigma is slowing vanishing. The number of men undergoing plastic surgery is expected to grow exponentially in the future. According to statistics by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, plastic surgery among men saw a rise of 15 percent. 

Society has now accepted the fact that like women, men also feel self-esteem problems resulting from aesthetic flaws and shortcomings in the body. Men want to look more masculine and younger. The good news is that now there are many plastic surgery procedures developed specifically for male patients. Procedures like liposuction, tummy tuck, breast reduction, and butt augmentation can also be performed on male patients with the goal to make them look more masculine and attractive. 

Other plastic surgery procedures that are trending among men include blepharoplasty, rhinoplasty, face enhancement, and hair transplantation. These procedures were extremely popular among men in 2018 and are expected to grow quickly in the years ahead. 

It was also noted that Botox procedures among men grew by 5 percent in 2018 and the most favorite procedures of men saw an increase of 8 percent in the same period. Men trust plastic surgery because it has a history of effectively and safely enhancing the body. However, if you want to achieve better and safer outcomes, you must select only a board-certified plastic surgeon and make sure he has experience in male plastic surgery procedures.


The current trends in plastic surgery have also witnessed the rise of a new procedure for women called labiaplasty. Labiaplasty is expected to continue its growth at an even faster rate than it currently is. Between 2015 and 2018, this plastic surgery procedure witnessed a growth of 30 percent. 

Labiaplasty is a plastic surgery procedure that reduces the size of the labia minora, which is the skin on the sides of the vaginal hole. If your labia has become saggy or loose and the condition is affecting your self-esteem and sex life, you may consider getting labiaplasty. This procedure has an impressive history of effectively enhancing the appearance of the labia. 

Labiaplasty is an outpatient procedure that can be performed under general anesthesia or IV sedation with local anesthesia. During the procedure, the plastic surgeon will remove the excess skin and tissue by using a laser. He will then suture and close the incisions by stitching them. Generally, the procedure takes about one to two hours. 

Upper and lower body lifts

Upper and lower body lifts are also among the current trends in plastic surgery. Even though constituent procedures to eliminate surplus fat and skin from different areas of the body like liposuction, butt lift, arm lift, lower body lift, and breast lift have been around for many years now, it is only now that cosmetic surgeons have started offering packages of these procedures by combining them together. 

Statistics about upper and lower body lift procedures indicate an extraordinary trend. In the US, upper and lower body lift procedures saw an average increase of 30 percent in 2018. Plastic surgeons agree that upper and lower body lifts will continue to grow at an ever-increasing rate in the years to follow.

An upper body lift is a plastic surgery procedure that eliminates the excess skin from the upper back area that extends to the edge of the chest. If you have experienced massive weight loss that has left excess skin on your upper back, you may consider getting an upper body lift. 

On the other hand, the lower body lift effectively removes surplus skin from the lower parts of the abdomen, hips, and lower back. After removing the excess skin from these regions, the plastic surgeon will re-drape the remaining skin and tissue and then tighten them to give you a firmer, smooth, and aesthetically welcoming body. 

Breast augmentation

Breast augmentation represented 20 percent of all plastic surgery procedures performed in the US in 2018. In fact, it is the second most popular plastic surgery procedure after liposuction. Even though breast augmentation continues to lead the trend in plastic surgery, we have seen some changes in it. The current trends indicate that more women are opting for silicone breast implants than saline implants. For example, the use of saline implants decreased by 5 percent, whereas that of silicone implants increased by 10 percent. This trend will continue in the years to follow. 

Another major trend in breast augmentation is the increasing use of fat transfer. Between 2016 and 2018, fat transfer to the breasts saw an increase of 25 percent. Breast augmentation is a plastic surgery procedure that effectively increases the size of smaller breasts. If you want to get bigger and projected breasts, you have two options: via implants or fat transfer.

Breast implant surgery uses artificial implants to augment the breasts, whereas fat transfer uses the excess fat available in your body to add projection and shape to your breasts. If you want to get large breasts, you should go for implants. Fat transfer is suggested for women who want to add more shape and mild projection to their breasts if they have excess fat available in their body. 

Butt augmentation

Butt augmentation is still a trend in plastic surgery, though it has been around for many years.  The number of people getting buttock augmentation has increased substantially over the last two years. Between 2016 and 2018, this procedure saw a surge of 20 percent. This trend will continue for many years, thanks to the bigger booty trend set in motion by celebrities. 

Buttock augmentation is a plastic surgery procedure that is recommended for both men and women who are experiencing self-esteem issues due to their smaller or flatter backside. There are two types of butt augmentation procedures: via implants and fat transfer. Both of these procedures are rising in popularity.

Buttock implant surgery involves the insertion and placement of external objects such as gluteal implants into the butt. Gluteal implants are permanent objects and made of high duty, semi-solid silicone material. They come in different sizes and are placed into the butt through incisions.

On the other hand, fat transfer surgery, also called Brazilian butt lift, uses the excess fat in your body to enhance your backside. This surgery makes the butt shapelier and adds mild projection to them. You need to have excess, unwanted fat in your body to get this procedure. 

Hourglass procedure

One of the hot trends in plastic surgery is the hourglass procedure. The hourglass body features wider hips, smaller waist, and a curvaceous figure. Tens of thousands of women are getting this procedure each year to enhance their feminine features and look more fertile, beautiful, and sexy. The hourglass surgery involves the use of your body fat to widen your hips. 

During the surgery, the plastic surgeon will perform liposuction on the abdomen, sides, flanks, love handles, and upper back. Liposuction of these areas will reduce your waist size. The fat extracted during liposuction is then injected into the hips, which makes the hips wider. After the hourglass surgery, you will look more feminine. Furthermore, your overall body outline will improve and your figure will become curvaceous.


Plastic surgery procedures have been used to enhance the body for several decades now. However, it is only in recent years that the field of plastic surgery has seen many improvements. New plastic surgery procedures have made it safer and more effective to improve your body and overcome any aesthetic flaws. In this article, I have discussed the current trends in plastic surgery and whether these trends will sustain in the future. I have also explained as to how the new procedures are performed and what benefits they offer patients.

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