Day to day life for patients with overly large breasts

Day to day life for patients with overly large breasts

18th Apr 2019


Up until a few years ago, most people would associate plastic surgery with breast augmentation procedures that would provide women with huge silicone breasts that looked so fake than even a child could tell they were man-made. Nowadays the appeal of huge, fake looking boobs is long gone, and patients undergoing plastic surgery to increase the size of the breasts are choosing to achieve more natural results, both in terms of appearance and feel. Moreover, we have many patients who want to get the exact opposite procedure to improve the quality of their life through breast reduction surgery.

The day-to-day life for patients with overly large breasts can be a series of struggles. While most women would go through their days without giving their breasts a second thought, women with overly large breasts are bound to live with this burden. The struggles start early in the morning when getting dressed. Women with overly large breasts will often find it difficult to find suitable clothing and lingerie that would offer the breasts enough support while also looking nice at the same time. Generally speaking, the clothes we find in shops are not made to accommodate G cups, so women with overly large breasts are left with little choice. Often the choice is to either look like you put on a tent instead of a blouse or get a stretchy blouse that reveals more than you would want to. The bras made for large bra cup sizes are not overly sexy unless of a high quality and price, they don’t offer enough support for the breasts. This means that the woman will have dents on the shoulders made by the bra straps along with developing spine problems.

It is common for women with excessively large breasts to develop an abnormal body position and even deformations of the spine over time. The breasts put a lot of pressure on the spine, and it is also the woman’s embarrassment that can cause this bad position. When the overdevelopment of the breasts occurs in the teenage years, most patients will try to hide it by bringing their shoulders forward.

After the struggles of finding suitable clothing, there is also the difficulty or impossibility of performing physically demanding activities without a certain level of physical discomfort. In other words, it is rare that you will see women with overly large breasts going for a morning jog. Jumping, running and many other physical exercises can be tiresome and associated with a considerable level of discomfort. As the day progresses, women with overly large breasts might start to feel pain in the neck, shoulders, and back that is caused by the weight of their breasts.

These daily struggles can disappear overnight after undergoing breast reduction surgery. The procedure is safe when performed by a board-certified plastic surgeon in an accredited facility and can deliver impressive results both in terms of aesthetics and functionality.


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