The deadly risks of illegal silicone injections

The deadly risks of illegal silicone injections

31st Jan 2017

[vc_single_image image=”4370″ img_size=”large”] Many women opt for illegal silicone injections to achieve their individual body goals. Unfortunately, this can trigger various life-debilitating issues, such as tissue solidifying, infections, issues with the respiratory system, and blood clots.

Research has proven that the use of illegal silicone injections for butt cheek enhancement has risen in the US. A butt augmentation procedure can be costly, which is why several women choose the less expensive, unregulated butt upgrade techniques like these illegal silicone injections.

Don’t even consider this method. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has rejected the use of silicone injections since they are extremely hazardous. Most patients who go for these infusions are not aware of the substances that will be brought into their bodies because of it.

You’d be surprised to find out that these infusions generally use non-medicinal silicone or silicone meant for mechanical purposes (i.e. for a car). Taking that into consideration, there is a high chance that the silicone is from tool shops, which is definitely unhygienic.

FDA Rules

The FDA issued strict rules against injecting silicone into the body because a 1990 survey indicated that silicone injection was the 9th most popular cosmetic procedure. In addition, they banned the use of the substance for corrective purposes.

Upon evaluating the effects of this procedure, the FDA discovered how horrifying and hazardous it was to the patients.

Despite that, there are still a few people who continue to buy non-medicinal silicone and use it for restorative purposes. Even the American Society for Esthetic Plastic Surgery how dangerous silicone injections are and has recommended individuals not to fall into the trap.

Are there any advantages for taking illegal silicone injections?

Examinations concerning the advantages and disadvantages of silicone injections indicate that the there are more dangers and potential complications than advantages. Not even in one case, was the silicone injection found to have generated significant improvement. Furthermore, the examination uncovers the fleeting as well as long-term disadvantages associated with the technique.

Let’s take for example how several individuals get illegal silicone injections on their face. In such cases, the injected silicone frequently causes swelling and hard knobs on their face. Fortunately, it is possible to salvage the silicone injected in the face, but when it is infused into the posterior or breasts, it is much more difficult. Many specialists won’t even attempt to treat individuals who want to fix the problems caused by illegal silicone injections because of its complexity and riskiness.

Dangers and Entanglements

When silicone is injected directly into your body, it can cause the following issues: pneumonic embolism, kidney issues, infections, disease, and development of bumps under the skin. Also, the use of illegal silicone injections have been connected to sensory system harm, mid-section pain, respiratory issues, draining, scarring, soreness of the treated zone, and other similar complications. More specifically, when you get silicone injections in the rear end, the odds are you will get poor results where one butt cheek is bigger or higher than the other.

These health problems occur because the silicone used as is generally for mechanical use, not restorative use. We have seen an ascent in the quantity of patients arriving in healing facilities with fatal symptoms caused by silicone injections. At times, the individual offering these silicone injections are not real surgeons or doctors.

In spite of this, there are still a few patients who go for the injections. The main reason they disregard all these warning signs is because they can’t afford the cost of qualified and accredited plastic surgeons. They frequently overlook the fact that it will cost more if complications occur after the procedure.

The illegal silicone injected into your body can spread to your lungs and cause structure irregularities, which is called silicone embolism disorder. This condition is life threatening.

On the other hand, if the substance advances to your cerebrum or heart, it will immediately kill you. These are of course the worst scenarios, but it is still a possibility that you ought to be aware of. This is why it is imperative to understand that once infused, the silicone can’t be stopped or taken out of your body. The most problematic cases that have been accounted for were the procedures done on the buttocks or breasts.

Below is a list of the most well-known accompanying effects of silicone injections:

  • Movement of the silicone to your lungs, cerebrum, heart, and different organs
  • Adverse reaction of your immune system to the infused silicone
  • Tenderness and recoloring of the injection site
  • Formation of blood clots and tissue bumps

Deaths caused by silicone injections

There is no denying that illegal silicone injection is life-threatening. Several deaths have occurred due to this method in various states, such as Nevada, Alabama, and Florida. Because of this, families or loved ones go to court and sue the ones responsible for these deaths.

The most predominant reason why illegal silicone injection has caused death is because the silicone filled their lungs with liquid, making it impossible to breathe. The second most common reason for death from the substance is respiratory embolism. Before getting a silicone infusion, remember that it can lead to sudden demise.

In 2015, a young woman was reported to have died because she constantly received illegal silicone injections in New York. Another woman was admitted to a different hospital for receiving 25 silicone injections, but soon died from a pneumonic embolism. 22-year-old Daysha Phillips also died after having illegal silicone injected in Dallas. Another woman became an amputee because of the illegal silicone injections in her buttocks, which spread and infected her leg. These are only a couple of cases. There are several reported and unreported situations where individuals have kicked the bucket because of having illegal silicone injections.

Fake practitioners who do silicone injections

Even with all the regulations against this procedure, there are still several fake specialists who offer illegal silicone injections. As indicated by the FBI, the quantity of fake doctors doing illegal silicone injections is on the ascent all over the US, especially in New York, Texas, California, and Florida. They fake their qualifications and experience to fool the patients. But there are also extreme cases, wherein unqualified practitioners lie and tell their patient that the substance being infused into them is fat or something else safe. Unfortunately, there are patients who believe them and don’t realize that they are injecting industrial silicone.

The difference between silicone injections and silicone implants

There is an obvious difference between implants and illegal silicone injections. Implants are FDA-approved and safe, while silicone injections are illegal and life threatening. A silicone implant does not move around your body, while the silicone injected can migrate to any area of your body, including your lungs, your cerebrum, and your heart. Your immune system can negatively react to a silicone injection, which may prompt liquid in your lungs, thus causing your death. On the other hand, you can  encounter prolonged agony when the infused silicone arrangement goes to different parts of your body.

It is essential to be aware that the legal plastic surgery procedures do not involve injecting silicone or some other substances directly into the body, which is why it is much safer. Whereas the illegal procedure like silicone injections are frequently completed in hotel rooms or people’s homes, and are less expensive.


Women all over the world, particularly in the US, still choose these underground/illegal procedures like silicone injections to get bigger backside and breasts. This is because they want to save money. Unfortunately, the silicone is actually meant for industrial use, not meant to be inserted into your body.

As soon as the silicone enters your body, the substance goes to your blood stream and can prompt blood coagulation in the lungs, creating cardiovascular hindrances that can be instantly life-threatening if not analyzed and treated quickly.

You should know that the deaths caused by these black market silicone injections have officially increased in number in the US. The message here is clear: you ought to keep away from illegal silicone injections. Your ignorance or carelessness can determine life-threatening conditions difficult to treat after. Also, make sure that any plastic surgery procedure you choose to undergo is performed by an experienced, authorized, and board-certified plastic surgeon. As a result, don’t let these so-called plastic surgeons trick you.

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