How to deal with pre-surgery anxiety

How to deal with pre-surgery anxiety

06th Oct 2017

Plastic surgery is a life-changing decision. Different plastic surgery procedures can help patients to reach their goal. Although patients decide whether to push through or not, it is common and normal to feel anxiety before surgery. The anxiety or fear may be brought about by a variety of things. It is best for patients to figure out a way on how they can deal with anxiety so they can feel more relaxed about the surgical procedure.

Anxiety before surgery can be due to the lack of trust to the surgeon. In order to feel more comfortable, a patient should make sure they select reputable surgeons who are certified and experienced in the field. This way, patients can make sure they are in good hands. If proper selection of the surgeon is done, there is no need to worry about the capability of the surgeon to perform the procedure.

Patients can also be fearful of the surgery when they do not know exactly what is done during the procedure. In order to lessen the anxiety brought about by this, it is important for patients to do some research in order to learn what the procedure is all about. The surgeons can also be of help when it comes to providing information about the procedure. During the consultation period, the surgeons can explain what happens and can also entertain any questions the patients may have about the procedure.

Some patients may also be fearful because they do not know how to go about the recovery after the surgery. The best way to battle this fear is to educate oneself. Surgeons help by giving instructions and advice, but there are also other sources, such as those found online, that can help. Many people can lessen their anxiety by talking or communicating with other people who are to go through the same surgery or those who already went through the surgery. There are lots of forums that a patient can join to get to know about some of the other patients’ experiences, especially during recovery.

Another way to lessen the anxiety is to know how to relax. Certain activities such as meditation, listening to music, or walking outdoors is relaxing, and it can be done prior to the surgery. Some patients feel very anxious before their surgery and then laugh at themselves afterward because they worried for nothing.

Patients should learn how to help themselves before turning to prescription medicine. In some cases, a patient’s anxiety may be too much that it leads them to lose sleep. In this case, surgeons can prescribe medication to help patients prepare well for the surgery. Anxiety before surgery is very common and most, if not all patients have it. Patients should simply learn how to deal with it in order to avoid being too overwhelmed.

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