Deformed breast corrected with plastic surgery

18th Oct 2018

The shape, size, and balance of the breasts play a crucial role in outlining the physical beauty of a woman, apart from setting her self-esteem and sense of femininity. A woman with normal and aesthetically appealing breasts feels more confident and enjoys a good quality of life than a woman with poorly shaped breasts.
Constriction of the breasts is a pathologic condition that affects many women. It starts at puberty, and the condition features constriction of the ring at the base of the breast and lack of tissue in the breasts.
The lower pole constricted breasts show tightening along the lower pole of the breasts, causing the breasts to appear abnormal and in the shape of a tube. This condition often happens as a result of herniation of the breast tissue into the nipple-areolar complex. This causes the breasts to look bulging or swollen and abnormal in shape.
In a lower pole constricted breast, the base of the breast is almost absent, underdeveloped, or defective both vertically and horizontally. This is often coupled by a hypoplastic breast tissue or an inframammary create that is higher, or both.
There are other aesthetic problems that may follow the lower pole constricted breasts. These include asymmetrical, saggy, and poorly balanced breasts.
As to what factors exactly cause lower pole constricted breasts is not yet known. Studies indicate the condition might be caused by multiple factors, including genetic tendencies.
Treatment for lower pole constricted breasts can be custom-tailored to your unique needs and requirements. Each patient has a varying degree and type of constriction in the lower pole of the breasts. The common treatment options include breast implant surgery and tissue expansion. The use of breast lift might also become inevitable to treat the condition.
Even though a combination of these treatments is used to treat lower pole constricted breasts effectively, conscription of new breast tissue by sinking your skin incision and soft tissue expansion also delivers reliable and effective outcomes. Typically, the implant is placed over the muscle to expand the soft tissue envelope more efficiently.
If you have lower pole constricted breasts, you should consult with a board-certified plastic surgeon to explore the treatment options and determine your candidacy for the surgery.

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