Delayed wound healing after breast enhancement

Delayed wound healing after breast enhancement

28th Dec 2016

The scars left after breast enhancement surgery can have an unappealing look, but this is usually related to the healing process of each patient and the quality of tissue and not to trauma caused during the surgery.

Most patients will notice an improvement in the appearance of the scars in six to twelve months after the surgery if the proper cream is used and the doctor’s recommendations are followed to the letter. To maintain the skin elasticity, the breasts need to be massaged daily with a highly moisturizing cream that your doctor will suggest. This will help with the healing process.

Of course, choosing the right plastic surgeon is essential in achieving the desired results. The surgeon is the one that will decide on the implant placement as well as the type of placement that is suitable for each patient. The success of the intervention depends on respecting the surgeon’s post-operative recommendations.

The speed and the way the wound will heal are different from one individual to the other and even from one area to the other in the same patient. During the first six weeks the scars will be thin and pink, but after a few months, they should become less and less visible. The appearance of the scars becomes final one year after the breast enhancement surgery. During this time, changes in the scar can occur, like thinning or increasing in size (in the case of big implants) and changes in color and hardness.

There are rare cases in which wound healing is delayed. It is important to know that smokers have an increased risk of developing this side effect.

All plastic surgery procedures are intended to improve the appearance of the patient. Our goal as plastic surgeons is to achieve this result with as few visible marks as possible. Unfortunately, smoking, even passive smoking, can affect wound healing negatively. This is the reason you should always tell your doctor if you are smoking before and after the breast enhancement procedure is performed. The doctor will ensure that you have proper supervision and advise you on how to prevent potential complications.

Any exposure to smoking can lead to delayed wound healing and not very aesthetic scars, with a high risk of infection and a possibility of deep tissue damage due to the low vascularity of the skin. Low blood flow at the level of the incisions can cause them not to close properly and also delay wound healing.

It is important to mention that this can happen after any type of plastic surgery, even liposuction or a tummy tuck.

Delayed wound healing (months instead of weeks), tissue atrophy, and infection are all complications that can occur after breast enhancement surgery if you are a smoker. It is essential to discuss with your doctor the risks of smoking before and after the breast enhancement procedure so delayed wound healing can be avoided.

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