Diet to increase the size of the butt

Diet to increase the size of the butt

11th Apr 2019


When it comes to the appearance of the rear end, both men and women are concerned with it. The look of the buttocks is important not only for the overall appearance of the body but also to make us feel sexier and more alluring, considering the fact that buttocks are considered an erotic and sensual area of the body, just like breasts.


If up until some time ago women desired to have small buttocks, nowadays the mainstream trend is exactly the other way around. Nowadays we want big buttocks, as big and as round as possible and with an impressive projection. Celebrities have also hopped on the trend of having bigger buttocks.


When it comes to enhancing the appearance of the buttocks, many people first think about physical exercise and diet. Physical exercise can be used to tone the muscles of the buttocks, but intense physical exercise can lead to the burning of fat cells on the buttocks, hence making the butt smaller instead of bigger. This is probably the reason why some people are wondering what would be the diet to increase the size of the buttocks. The idea behind this is to enhance the appearance of the buttocks by affecting the fat layer on the butt and making it bigger. So how about putting on fat exactly where you want to? Is this possible? Strangely enough it is, but not in the way you might imagine.


Before anything else, you should know that there is no such thing as a localized gain of weight. When we put on weight, it deposits all over the body depending on our natural predisposition. Most people would start accumulating fat around the midline after a certain age while others would get thicker thighs. This is dependent on the shape of our body and the genetic predisposition. So diet to gain weight that accumulates directly on the buttocks is a myth. What could happen though is for the plastic surgeon to recommend a diet to put on weight and develop a thicker fat tissue. As we have already said, the fat tissue will increase in certain areas of the body when weight gain occurs. The plastic surgeon can address these areas with liposuction and then purify the fat and inject it into the buttocks. This is how the fat gets to the buttocks after weight gain.


To become eligible for fat transfer, patients are advised to eat healthy produce that are high in calories and to avoid exercising at least until a few months after the procedure is performed. If you need to put on weight to increase the size of your buttocks, make sure to discuss your diet with the plastic surgeon.


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