Difference between the breast lift and the wonder breast lift

Difference between the breast lift and the wonder breast lift

05th Aug 2019



The female breasts play a significant role in defining a woman’s overall beauty and femininity. When the breasts are firmer and perky, they make you look more feminine and sexier. Many people prefer bigger breasts because they look attractive but the fact is that the bigger the breasts, the earlier they will sag. To look beautiful and sensuous, you need to have firmer and youthful breasts. Unfortunately, the female breasts decline over time due to factors like pregnancy, weight changes, and poor lifestyle.

Saggy breasts look aesthetically unpleasant, which is why many women with saggy breasts seek treatment for the condition. The good news is that there is plastic surgery available to restore your firmer and perky breasts expertly. The breast lift and the Wonder breast lift are the treatment options for saggy breasts. Both procedures treat saggy breasts, but they use different techniques. The Wonder breast lift is a modern version of the traditional breast lift. 


Difference between the breast lift and Wonder breast lift

– The breast lift

The breast lift, also called the standard breast lift, is one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures in the US. It can effectively treat saggy breasts, making them firmer and youthful again. Many factors can affect the aesthetic features of the breasts, making them saggy and unappealing. Chief among those factors are pregnancy, breastfeeding, aging, and weight changes. When these factors make the breasts saggy, they look unwelcoming. The condition can also affect your overall body outline and self-esteem. 

The breast lift is used by hundreds of thousands of women across the world every year to restore their perky breasts. This procedure involves tightening of the breast muscles and removal of the excess skin from the breasts, which are the two leading elements that make the breasts saggy. The traditional breast lift is an outpatient surgery that is performed under general anesthesia.

During the pre-operative consultation, the plastic surgeon will examine your breasts and ask you about the improvements you want to achieve. Based on the findings, the surgeon will then tell you whether you should get the breast lift or the Wonder breast lift. The doctor will explain both procedures to you and discuss the pros and cons of both. 

When it comes to the traditional breast lift, the surgeon will start the procedure by first making incisions on the breasts. Different incision techniques can be used to address the specific flaws in the breasts. The plastic surgeon can best tell you as to which incision technique is suitable for you. 

After making the incisions, the surgeon will access the loose and separated breast muscles through the incisions and then tighten and repair them. In the second step, the surgeon will remove the excess skin. If there are stubborn fat pockets in the breasts, the surgeon will remove them as well. Then he will reduce your areola size if it has expanded. He will do so by removing some portion of the brown skin of the areola from the sides. If your nipples are pointing downward, the surgeon will reposition them to a youthful place on the breasts where they point forward and look perky and sexy. 

The doctor will then re-drape the remaining skin and place sutures. The incisions are then closed in the last step. Your recovery will begin immediately following the procedure. Though you will notice an improvement in your breasts right after the surgery, do not expect to see the entire results. You need to complete the recovery period to see the results. Your breasts will be swollen after the surgery, and the swelling will slowly disappear over the next few weeks or months. The results will not transpire until the swelling has gone and the incisions have healed. 

When the results emerge after many weeks or months, you will see that your breasts have become tighter, perky, youthful, and sexy like the breasts of a teenage girl. As a result, your body outline will also improve and you will look more feminine. Your self-esteem will also improve. However, the results may not stay with you forever. Aging, gravity, and weight changes may gradually affect the aesthetic features of your breasts again. It happens because the traditional breast lift relies only on your skin to suture your breasts. As the skin elastin becomes weak, your breasts may become saggy again. This is where the Wonder breast comes in to help and deliver sustainable results. 


– The Wonder breast lift

The Wonder breast lift is an advanced and modern form of breast lift, developed by world-renowned plastic surgeon Dr. Wilberto Cortes. This procedure can provide effective, sustainable, and all-encompassing results. The Wonder breast lift can restore not only your firmer and perky breasts but also contours your overall breast with the goal to make your breasts shapelier and aesthetically welcoming. 

Many people wonder how the Wonder breast lift makes it possible to achieve long-lasting outcomes. The operation uses special surgical techniques to make this possible. The techniques are more advanced than those of the traditional breast lift.

In contrast to the standard breast lift that involves removal of the excess skin and fat from the breasts and tightening of the breast muscles, the Wonder breast lift introduces overall shape improvement to your breasts. The traditional mastopexy uses only your skin to keep your newly contoured breasts in shape whereas the Wonder breast lift uses the skin, ligaments, chest muscles, and tissue for suturing purposes. This is the reason why the results of the Wonder breast lift are long-lasting.

The Wonder breast lift is also an invasive procedure that is performed under general anesthesia and on an outpatient basis. During the procedure, the surgeon will not only repair and tighten the breast muscles but also reconstruct the breast ligaments.

The traditional breast lift can decrease your breast’s upper pole fullness, whereas the Wonder breast lift doesn’t do this. The surgical approaches used during this procedure aim to not only treat the saggy breasts but also improve the overall shape of the breasts. During the operation, the surgeon will change the distribution of your breast tissue so that your breasts can be shapelier.

During the surgery, the plastic surgeon will make a vertical incision on the breast and a horizontal incision on the side of the breast. The inverted T incision is not used because it leaves more visible scarring on the breast. The surgeon will place marks on the breasts and then use it to rearrange your nipple and areola. Furthermore, it will help divide the lower areas of the breasts that have become saggy. 

The doctor will then reconstruct the pectoral muscle so that your breasts get sustainable support to stay in place. He will then remove the surplus skin and fat from the breasts while enhancing the shape of the breasts. The doctor will then re-drape the remaining skin. If the nipples and areolas are looking aesthetically unappealing, the surgeon will contour them as well so that they can appear youthful and perky. 

In the last step, the doctor will suture the breasts by using your skin, ligaments, chest muscles, and other tissues. As a result of this suturing approach, the breasts will stay in place on a long-term basis. It also helps prevent problems like bottoming out and tissue spinning. The incisions will then be closed. 

The results of the Wonder breast lift will then slowly transpire over the next few weeks and months. Once the results emerge, your breasts will look entirely contoured, firmer, and beautiful.  Your breast’s overall aesthetic look will change, and you will appear younger and more feminine. The results of the Wonder breast lift will stay with you almost for a lifetime, thanks to the advanced suturing technique. 

The reconstruction of the ligaments and redistribution of the tissues will introduce far-reaching changes to the shape of your breasts. Your breasts will appear shapelier and aesthetically pleasant. However, you must follow the surgeon’s instructions to retain the results in the same shape. Factors like massive weight changes and pregnancy can affect the results, making your breasts look aesthetically unwelcoming. Be sure to maintain a stable weight and avoid pregnancy after the Wonder breast lift so that the outcomes can remain with you forever. 



The breasts are among the most significant body areas of women because they signify their femininity and set their overall body outline. One of the common problems that women face is breast sagging. The factors that can cause the breasts to sag have been explained above. When the breasts become saggy, patients desire to get back their firmer and perky breasts. The breast lift and Wonder breast lift are the plastic surgery procedures meant to treat saggy breasts. However, the results and the approaches used in these procedures are different from one another. In this article, I have explained the difference between the Wonder breast lift and the traditional breast lift. 


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