Difference between the traditional breast lift and wonder breast lift

Difference between the traditional breast lift and wonder breast lift

26th Feb 2018

If your breasts are severely saggy and the condition is creating self-esteem issues for you, you may consider the traditional or Wonder breast lift. Women are extremely sensitive when it comes to the appearance of their breasts. The breasts connote the femininity of women, besides setting their physical beauty. The breasts also play an important part in defining the body outline and overall aesthetic features of women.

Women desire to have firmer and perky breasts to make them look youthful and sexy. Unfortunately, as women age, their breasts become saggy and loose. The traditional breast lift restores the firmness and youthfulness of the breasts. On the other hand, the Wonder breast lift is a modern and more effective version of breast lift surgery that delivers more sustainable outcomes.

Traditional breast lift

The traditional breast lift is used to treat saggy breasts. It is one of the most common plastic surgery procedures in the US. The breasts become saggy due to multiple reasons. The common factors that make the breasts saggy include aging, pregnancy, breastfeeding, gravity, overly large breasts, heredity, and certain medications. When the breasts become droopy, it affects the physical beauty and self-esteem of the patient.

The traditional breast lift makes the breasts firmer and perky again. The procedure is also called mastopexy. The surgery is performed under general anesthesia and involves removal of the excess skin from the breasts and tightening the breast muscles.

Saggy breasts have loose, separated breast muscles. After making incisions on the breasts, the plastic surgeon will tighten the loose or separated muscles. Also, the areolas often expand and become large. It makes women look aged. To treat the condition, the plastic surgeon will excise some of the areola skin. It will help decrease the areola size.

Saggy breasts are also marked by droopy and loose nipples. Ideally, the nipples should be perky and point forward. The plastic surgeon will change the position of the nipples by moving them to an elevated position where they look youthful and point forward. In the last step, the plastic surgeon will remove the excess skin from the breasts. He will then re-drape the remaining skin and suture and close the incisions.

After the traditional breast lift, the patient will be required to go through a complete recovery process. The results of the surgery will transpire gradually. It would take many weeks and even months for the final results to become noticeable. Of course, you will notice some improvements in your breasts after the surgery. When the post-operative swelling subsides and the incisions heal, the final results will emerge.

After some weeks or months, your breasts will become firmer, youthful, and perky. The aesthetic enhancement of your breasts will also improve your overall body aesthetics and features. You will appear more feminine and beautiful after the procedure.

However, there is no surety about how long the results will last. Most patients complain of unsustainable outcomes. Aging, gravity, and weight changes may make the breasts saggy over time. To get more sustainable aesthetic results, you should consider the Wonder breast lift instead of the traditional breast lift.

Wonder breast lift

The Wonder breast lift is an advanced and more effective type of breast lift surgery. Developed by Dr. Wilberto Cortes, the surgery enhances the breasts in a way that the results are more sustainable. The intervention not only makes saggy breasts firmer and youthful but also improves the overall shape of the breasts.

So, how does the Wonder breast lift deliver long-lasting results? The procedure involves the use of exclusive and state-of-the-art techniques that make the results last longer. The surgery is performed under general anesthesia. The surgeon then makes incisions on the breasts. The type and length of incisions depend on the specific aesthetic flaws in the breasts and your aesthetic goals.

After making the incisions, the doctor tightens the underlying loose breast muscles and lifts the nipples to an elevated position, besides reducing the size of the areolas. The excess skin is then removed and the plastic surgeon reconstructs the ligaments. The doctor then uses the remaining skin to suture the breast.

During the suturing process, the doctor also uses the underlying tissue, ligaments and chest wall muscles to deliver additional sustenance to the newly lifted breasts. This is what sets the Wonder breast lift apart from the traditional breast lift. The additional support used for suturing the breasts make the results last longer than the traditional breast lift.

Another important thing to keep in mind is that the traditional breast lift may reduce your breasts’ upper pole fullness. However, the Wonder breast lift does not decrease your breasts’ upper pole fullness. The Wonder breast lift is a modern approach that is grounded in the idea that a breast lift surgery should not only restore the firmness of saggy breasts but also improve the overall shape of the breasts.

To make this possible, the plastic surgeon will also reform and redistribute the breast tissue so your breasts look aesthetically welcoming. Reshaping the tissues adds more definition and aesthetic features to the breasts, making them look sexy and smooth. The traditional breast lift does not reshape the underlying tissue and ligaments. It is just focused on making the breasts firmer.

After the traditional breast lift, you will notice that your breasts have become saggy and loose over time. This occurs because the intervention uses only your skin to suture the newly contoured breasts. The breasts become saggy because of weakness in the skin quality and tone. This increases the risk of sagging even after the traditional breast lift. The Wonder breast lift solves this problem by using additional suturing techniques, as explained above. The results of the Wonder breast lift will last a lifetime.

The Wonder breast lift surgery is complex and takes more time than the traditional breast lift. It can be performed in 4-5 hours. In most cases, a vertical and a tiny horizontal incision are used to perform the surgery. Some people assume it uses the inverted T incision. This is not true because the inverted T incision is more prominent, lengthy, and noticeable. It can leave bad scarring on your breasts, so the surgeon will not use this type of incision.

Also, the Wonder breast lift calls for more attention to detail, so the breasts are properly lifted and shaped. The surgeon will first mark two opposing triangles on the breasts, which will then be used as a ground to rearrange your nipple-areola complex. The markings will also be used as a guide to properly distribute the lower areas of the breasts that may have become loose. The use of this techniques helps provide upper pole fullness to your breasts.

One of the problems with the traditional breast lift is that it entails the risk of bottoming out and spinning of the breast tissue. Fortunately, the Wonder breast lift uses unique tissue restructuring and suturing approaches that prevent bottoming out and spinning of the breast tissue. Also, the breast tissue is tweaked by using a greater sense of aesthetics and artistry, so the breasts appear aesthetically pleasant and sexy. If there are excess fat pockets in the breasts, the doctor will remove them so the breasts are properly contoured.

You would be required to go through a recovery process after the Wonder breast lift. Keep in mind that even though the procedure delivers effective and long-lasting outcomes, it is highly invasive and traumatic. To recuperate, the patient must avoid physical movements for two weeks after the surgery. After two weeks you may resume work and movements, but be careful and avoid strenuous activities for six weeks. For the first 24-72 hours after the surgery, you may experience some pain and discomfort in your breasts. It can be managed with pain relief medications. Also, follow the plastic surgeon’s instructions for a safe and smooth recovery.

The results will evolve as you recover from the surgery. Complete results will show when the post-operative swelling has fully disappeared and the incisions have healed.


When the breasts become saggy and droopy, they look aesthetically unwelcoming. The traditional breast lift restores the firmness and youthfulness of the breasts by removing the excess skin and fat and tightening the breast muscles and lifting the nipples. However, the results of the traditional method are not sustainable. On the other hand, the Wonder breast lift not only makes the breasts firmer and perky but also enhances the shape of the breasts. The results of the Wonder breast lift are long-lasting. The procedure uses unique techniques and approaches to make this possible.

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