What is the difference between male and female liposuction?

What is the difference between male and female liposuction?

23rd Jun 2017

Liposuction is a very common plastic surgery in the US. The body contouring procedure is popular for both women and men who want to enhance their overall appearance by getting rid of the stubborn pockets of fat that have developed in localized areas of their bodies. The procedure can effectively sculpt the body by eliminating fat deposits from areas like the abdomen, sides, flanks, love handles, back, thighs, and upper body.

While the functional principles of liposuction are the same regardless of gender, there are a few differences in techniques and processes employed when performing liposuction for each. For both men and women, the procedure is normally undertaken under local anesthesia and by using a tiny tube called cannula. The cannula is connected to a suction pump.

The liposuction cannula is inserted inside of the target area through a tiny incision, and the tumescent solution is introduced in the region. The cannula is then moved in a back and forth controlled motion to loosen the fat cells. The fat deposits are then suctioned out with the help of the suction pump. That’s the core process used to perform liposuction on both men and women.

Now, let’s discuss how the process is slightly different for both genders. In point of fact, men have denser fat than women. Besides being dense and thick, the fats in men can adhere more tightly to the layer over the muscle. This makes it more difficult to extract so dislodging and removing the male fat will require special techniques and approaches. This is the reason why males are always advised to have their liposuction performed by a plastic surgeon that is highly experienced in male liposuction. On the other hand, females have softer fat, which makes it a simple, seamless and easy extraction.

The target areas for liposuction are also different for male and female patients. Though liposuction can be carried out in almost any area in the body, women mostly store fat deposits in the abdomen, sides, flanks, love handles, thighs, and hips, so they need body contouring in these areas. In contrast, men choose to have liposuction performed on the abdomen, love handles, and the neck area. Most men who go through liposuction are aiming for six-pack abs or chiseled jaw line. Some men also use liposuction to reduce their enlarged breasts or chests. In order to help men achieve their personal goals, plastic surgeons use certain surgical approaches and body contouring techniques that are normally not used in women.

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