Different breast implant profiles and how to choose a suitable one

Different breast implant profiles and how to choose a suitable one

09th Mar 2018

Breast implant surgery is one of the most popular and common plastic surgery options to add projection and shape to your breasts. Breast implants are artificial devices that are inserted and placed into the breasts. One of the important factors that should be taken into account when choosing your implants is the implant profile.

Breast implants come in different profiles. The profile of a breast implant indicates the level of projection the implant will add to your breasts. In other words, it denotes the degree to which the breasts will project forward from your chest wall when you stand tall. The profiles range from high to ultra high and medium to low. To select the correct and suitable implant profile, the plastic surgeon will consider your existing breast size and shape and your aesthetic goals.

When selecting a breast implant profile, be sure to consider the base of the implant. Patients desiring to have natural-looking breasts should choose an implant which is equal to or a bit smaller as compared to your existing breast width. If you are petite with a narrow chest and inadequate breast tissue, you will have limited choices when it comes to breast implants, particularly regarding size. In this case, if you desire to get bigger breasts, you should select a breast implant with the large profile but smaller diameter. As such, the implant will not be too large for your chest.

Low profile breast implants come with a very wide base. These implants appear flat and add slight projection to the breasts. If you have a wider chest, a low profile breast implant may be suitable for you. On the other hand, moderate profile breast implants come with a narrow base and are recommended if you have a narrow or small chest. With this implant, you can achieve a moderate projection to your breasts. It will make your breasts look natural.

On the other hand, high profile implants are meant for patients who are petite and desire to have bigger breasts. These implants feature a very narrow base and can fit well on a small chest. With high profile implants, you can achieve excellent projection.

When it comes to ultra high profile breast implants, they are not as popular and are suitable only for certain patients with specific aesthetic desires. The ultra high profile breast implant features an extremely narrow base than all breast implant profiles. If you desire to get maximum upper pole projection, the ultra high profile breast implant is suitable for you.

It is not easy for patients to choose suitable breast implants because they are not aware of the technical and aesthetic features. Patients should work in collaboration with their plastic surgeons to select suitable breast implants, especially regarding implant profiles. The surgeons are experienced and will recommend you the implant that will help deliver the desired results.

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