Different liposuction techniques

18th Oct 2018

A cannula is a major tool used to extract the fat from the target areas during liposuction. The good news is that cannula designs have improved over the years. Now we have different liposuction cannulas to perform the operation on special areas of the body and multiple types of skin.
Cannulas come with different sizes of holes. For example, there are cannulas that are either 4mm, 5mm, or 3mm in diameter. The larger size cannulas make the fat removal process easy and quick. However, that comes at an opportunity cost. Using these cannulas can lead to more pain, swelling, bruising, and unevenness. In other words, the aesthetic outcomes will not be good and the patient will experience more discomfort during the recovery period.
On the other hand, there are cannulas that are designed for injecting fluids into the target area rather than removing fat. For example, the tumescent infiltration cannula is used for introducing the tumescent solution into the target area.
Fluid-injecting cannulas can still be used to extract the fat. Since the holes in such cannulas are narrow, they can effectively remove the fat without causing the area to become irregular. I personally like it for the elegant contouring. While contouring the body with a narrow cannula may prolong the surgery time, it will make the results valuable.
Then there is a cannula designed for performing large volume liposuction more quickly. Depending on your aesthetic goals, this cannula may be used. It is 3mm, but the holes are larger and more in number. Since the holes are located on one side of this cannula, it can be turned and used cursorily.
Then there is the serrated cannula that is used when there are tough, fibrous tissues, particularly in the rear area. This cannula provides enhanced control to the surgeon, letting him or her properly contour the area at the skin level. The V-Dissector liposuction cannula is also widely used to contour area where superficial fat has accumulated.
The flared or basket liposuction cannula can be used for multiple purposes. It can be used to remove fat from the area and to correct skin irregularities that may have resulted from previous procedures. I tend not to use flares cannulas due to a higher risk of skin loss and burns.
The mercedes liposuction cannula is also popular among plastic surgeons for the versatility it offers and its efficiency. On the other hand, the flap liposuction cannula is mainly used where there is a need to separate part of a tissue from the fat. For example, it is used to extract fat from the skin.
That’s it. The cannula choice is important because it plays a critical role in shaping the final outcomes of the intervention.

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