Different surgical treatments for enhancing the breasts

Different surgical treatments for enhancing the breasts

10th Jun 2019


The appearance of the breasts is one of the main aesthetic concerns of many women nowadays. While there are plenty of efficient solutions available when it comes to losing weight to improve your appearance, there is not much you can do to improve the appearance of your breasts, at least not without help from plastic surgery. There might be pills, creams, or massage programs promising bigger, perkier and even smaller breasts if you use them, but the reality is that the only thing that can really help with the appearance of your breasts is plastic surgery.

There are different surgical treatments used for enhancing the appearance of the breasts, and this is why the journey to get more beautiful breasts starts with a consultation with the plastic surgeon. We call this the pre-operative consultation, and this is the time when the plastic surgeon will perform a medical examination to diagnose the issue and also ask about your medical history and life habits to assess your candidacy for the procedure.

To enhance the appearance of the breasts, the plastic surgeon might recommend a breast augmentation with implants, fat transfer, a combination of the two procedures, or a breast lift, to name just a few.

The breast lift is recommended for patients with a certain level of breast sagginess. It is important to note that no breast augmentation procedure should be performed without a breast lift if the patient has breast ptosis because there are high chances of getting unsatisfactory results. Implants or fat grafted into the breasts don’t correct mammary ptosis. If the patient has breast sagginess, the excess skin needs to be removed and the mammary gland needs to be repositioned higher on the chest wall. The breast lift can be performed together with breast implant surgery in one operation for patients wanting to get bigger, perkier breasts. The breast lift can’t be performed together with fat grafting as there is a low rate of survival for the fat cells transferred. However, if you need a lift and also want to have a fat transfer to the breasts, you can schedule the procedure a few months apart and make sure that the breast lift comes first.

Breast augmentation with implants is recommended for patients with small breasts who want a considerable increase in the size of the breasts. Fat transfer can’t provide a significant augmentation of the breasts in just one session as there is a limit to both the fat that can be extracted with liposuction and the fat that can be transferred during one session. Injecting too much fat into the breasts in one session can lead to asymmetries and also the reabsorption of a high percentage of the fat transferred. Fat grafting into the breasts is mostly used for patients who want to get half a bra cup size or maximum one bra cup size more after the session is performed.


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