Distorted body image and butt augmentation

Distorted body image and butt augmentation

01st Nov 2021

Butt augmentation is very popular nowadays as it is the only efficient method to increase the size of the buttocks that also delivers permanent results. Butt augmentation can be performed with the help of gluteal implants or the patient’s own body fat. The procedure is safe and entails little complications when performed by a board-certified, experienced plastic surgeon in an accredited medical facility. However, not all people seeking butt augmentation are eligible for the procedures. 

There are different reasons why you might be refused the procedure, and among them is a distorted body image. What does this mean? In other words, the procedure shouldn’t be performed on patients who don’t have a clear image of their bodies. There are patients who have a proportionate body by all standards; however, they see themselves differently. A distorted body image is an issue that requires medical help, but not from a plastic surgeon. When dealing with a patient with dysmorphic body image, a responsible plastic surgeon will refer him to get medical help from a psychiatrist or psychologist. 

When suffering from a distorted body image, the patient often complains about more areas of the body, not just one. But the buttocks are often one of the areas triggering discontent, along with the breasts, tummy, and face. People with a distorted body image can’t achieve satisfactory results with plastic surgery because they don’t have a realistic image of how their bodies look like to begin with. Moreover, the emotional discomfort can be increased exponentially after resorting to plastic surgery for patients with dysmorphic body image. 

It is important to mention that these kinds of patients also tend to get repeated procedures in the same area as they are never satisfied with their bodies. It can often happen for them to get botched results after plastic surgery or to travel long distances to get procedures that are considered illegal and unsafe in the United States. Also, these patients tend to resort to illegal and unsafe procedures that are available on the black market within the United States as well. This can lead not only to bad results but also many other complications, including risks that put the life of the patient on the line.

To make sure you are getting the procedure you need and your candidacy is assessed properly, make sure always to choose a talented and experienced board-certified plastic surgeon and discuss with him your reasons for resorting to surgery and also the expectations you have from it. Butt augmentation surgery won’t completely change your body or bring your partner back. The aim is to create a bigger butt and in some cases (for butt augmentation with fat transfer) to enhance the shape of the buttocks as well. It is important to get help if you have a distorted body image before getting plastic surgery.

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