Do breast enlargement creams work?

Do breast enlargement creams work?

15th Jan 2021

When considering methods to enhance the breasts, many women give pills or creams a try. Breast enlargement creams can be found in many shops, and some are affordable (while others not so much) and they all promise significant improvements in a rather short period of time. So, do breast enlargement creams work?

If you were to ask the people selling them or the manufacturers, they would all say that breast enlargement creams are made out of plants, 100% natural, and everybody knows that what is natural can’t really do any harm. However, in more than one occasion, doctors have warned people about the negative effects of pills and creams for breast enlargement. These products often contain phytoestrogens, or estrogens coming from plants. Their effects are difficult to monitor and predict, especially when used on an area so delicate as the breasts. 

In a vast majority of cases, women who have used breast enlargement creams in the past report no change in the appearance of their breasts. When creams are used for a longer period of time, the skin on the breasts can become more hydrated and soft to the touch, but it all depends on the contents of the creams. There are patients who reported rashes and other dermatological conditions that occurred on the breasts after using breast enlargement creams and very few patients who noticed a slight improvement in the size of the breasts. How can this slight improvement be explained? Do breast enhancement creams work only on some patients? 

No, there is no real proof of breast enlargement creams delivering long-term or visible results. The slight improvement in the size or consistency of the breasts is often related to something else. It is important to understand that the breasts undergo different changes, even depending on the time of the month and also hormonal balance. For example, before periods, the breasts can become a bit larger and harder, only to get back to their normal consistency after the periods are over. At the same time, taking birth control pills can make your breasts harder and increase their size a bit. The level of the increase in size is not visible when wearing clothes, but some women might notice a slight change. Because of the changes that can occur due to other factors, some women might tend to believe that breast enlargement creams really work, but this wouldn’t be a correct assumption.

Experts all agree that there is just one way to get bigger breasts, and it doesn’t come from a box. A method that is efficient in 100% of cases and delivers visible results that are long-lasting is plastic surgery. There are two procedures that can be performed for breast augmentation purposes: fat transfer and implants. The plastic surgeon will recommend the suitable option for you after performing a medical examination during the pre-operative consultation. 

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