Do breast implants hurt?

Do breast implants hurt?

08th Apr 2017

Do breast implants hurtBreast implants surgery is a breast augmentation procedure that increases the size and improves the shape of the breast. It uses silicone gel implants to alter the breasts. The surgical procedure involves making an incision, inserting the implants in the pocket created, and then suturing the incision. As this is a major surgery, pain is to be expected because of the trauma caused to the body during the procedure. With that said, you don’t need to worry about experiencing pain during the breast implants surgery because anesthesia will be administered, but it will eventually wear off during recovery. Consequently, surgeons prescribe pain relievers to their patients, so that they can deal with the pain while recovering.

It is normal for your breasts to hurt after the surgery because of the implants. You will feel some pain and numbness because the skin stretches in order to accommodate the breast implants. Whether you have the implants placed under the muscle or over it, the skin will still need to stretch. Fortunately, the pain usually subsides within a couple of days. As for the numbness, this is caused by the stretching of the nerves along with the stretching of the skin. The surgery can cause damage to the nerves, which is why there is numbness. Nevertheless, the numbness is only temporary and will eventually return after a few weeks when the nerves have regenerated and healed.

Aside from the skin, the muscles can also stretch especially if the implants are located under the muscles. This can cause muscle spasms or cramps, which can also be painful. To mitigate the pain and discomfort, surgeons may prescribe a muscle relaxant for you to take during the first couple of days.

There are rare cases where patients develop certain complications that lead to more pain. For example, developing an infection is a complication that causes patients to feel pain in their breasts, which is also accompanied by hot, redness and swelling breasts. If the implants get infected, it must be removed immediately. This is to prevent the infection from worsening and becoming detrimental to your health. In addition, the infection is treated with antibiotics that patients can take orally or through their IV line. Once the patient has healed from the infection, patients will be able to reschedule another surgery to replace the implants.

Aside from that, there can also be pain in your breasts after the surgery due to a seroma that has formed. The formation of a seroma is a possibility, but it usually disappears on its own, especially if only a small amount of fluid has accumulated. On the other hand, larger seromas that cause severe pain will have to be drained to make the patients more comfortable and to prevent infection.

There are also cases when patients may feel sharp pain after years of having their breast implants. This may appear after they do their workout or other strenuous activities. Most of the time, this is due to a pulled muscle or a torn breast capsule. This kind of pain will eventually improve with time and there may be no need to do anything to it.

Overall, you can expect to feel a degree of pain as it is a surgical procedure. However, it normally subsides within a few days, so long as you do not develop any complications.

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