Do butt implants jiggle?

Do butt implants jiggle?

01st Aug 2019


When considering enhancing the appearance of their buttocks by resorting to a butt augmentation procedure, many patients fear that the results won’t look very natural and that the implants inserted into the buttocks will behave differently than the natural tissue in the area. Generally speaking, the best thing you can do if you want to achieve 100% natural results and not a significant augmentation is to get a Brazilian butt lift. The fat transfer will just add more fat cells in the area and emphasizing the shape of the butt while implants are inserted inside or under the muscle and will give a certain projection to the butt, aside from the overall augmentation.

The generation of implants that we use nowadays are FDA approved and are safe for patients. There are just a few complications that canoccur after getting butt implants, less than in the case of a breast augmentation. Breasts and butt implants are different from each other. Butt implants are made out of a more cohesive silicone, similar in texture with the muscles of the butt, and are also more durable and resistant. This is the reason why butt implants do not rupture, and there is no need to remove and replace them after a certain period of time because the warranty has expired, like in the case of breast implants. 

Butt implants resemble the toned muscles of the buttocks, and this means they shouldn’t jiggle when the patient moves. We often associate the jiggle with an excess of fat on the buttocks, not a surplus of muscle like the implant. However, it is true that buttocks can look and move in an unpleasant way when butt implant surgery delivers unsatisfactory results. Over my career, I have seen patients who had old generations of breast implants inserted into their buttocks or low-quality implants that made their buttocks look and feel unsightly. This is the reason why it is important always to check the credentials of the plastic surgeon performing the procedure and always be circumspect if the surgeon offers excessive discounts, coupons, etc. 

Generally speaking, a good result after butt augmentation with implants is a more impressive projection of the buttocks. This means more volume on the upper part of the butt, and buttocks that feel and look natural. It is true that the final results of won’t transpire immediately after the procedure and can take up to three months or more until the implants settle in the new environment. The recommendation is to be patient and follow the recommendations of the plastic surgeon for post-operative care if you want to achieve the best results possible. Keep in mind that the jiggling is not a result that should be expected after butt implant surgery if the procedure was successful.


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