Do butt implants last forever?

Do butt implants last forever?

12th Mar 2021

When looking for methods to increase the size of their rear end, many people first try physical exercises and even special diets that are said to help augment the booty. But getting the buttocks of your dreams with the help of physical exercise alone might mean years and years of squats and bench pressing with little results. Moreover, when trying exercise to increase the size of their buttocks, some patients notice that they are actually losing booty mass instead of gaining it. This is normal and actually quite natural and has a simple explanation. 

When performing physical exercise, we are burning fat. The buttocks are made out of fat and gluteal muscles. So, if you have a consistent layer of fat on the buttocks, chances are you will burn through it in your attempt to tone the muscles and create a larger butt. Also, you should keep in mind that there are plenty of athletes, professional bodybuilders, and fitness enthusiasts that have resorted to implants to get a more alluring figure. This means that even if you spend your days at the gym, there are no guarantees that you can shape your buttocks according to your dreams. However, the good news is that this can be achieved with the help of plastic surgery. 

There are two options available for patients who want to augment the size of their buttocks. One entails the use of implants while the other makes use of the patient’s own fat cells that will be collected from areas of the body with an excess of fat. Implants are recommended for patients who have little excess fat in their bodies, are involved in sports, or want a more considerable increase in the projection of the buttocks. 

Many people know that breast implants are medical devices with a limited warranty and need to be removed and replaced after ten to fifteen years according to the recommendations of the manufacturer. However, patients interested in getting butt implants need to know that things are different when it comes to butt implants. Butt implants don’t come with the same limited warranty that breast implants have. They are manufactured from a different type of silicone, and they are not silicone capsules filled with gel, but a semi-solid silicone that looks more like a chunk than a bag. 

Butt implants are made to last forever, and they don’t need to be changed due to their warranty expiring. However, there are situations that can occur and determine the need to remove or replace butt implants. Mostly we are talking about a complication that can occur but only happens in very rare cases: capsular contracture. This is a tightening and hardening of the fibrous capsule that the body creates around the implant to isolate it from the surrounding tissues.

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