Do butt implants need to be replaced after some time?

Do butt implants need to be replaced after some time?

08th Dec 2017

Buttock augmentation is quite common nowadays, and one way to do that is through the use of buttock implants. The buttock implants come in a variety of shapes and sizes. They are made of a solid silicone material that makes them durable yet soft. The implants are surgically inserted into the buttocks to improve their size and shape.

Butt implants are usually permanent, and they can last for a lifetime. There is no need to regularly change them every ten years, like what patients with breast implants usually do. Butt implants usually do their job for years and years to come permanently.

There are certain situations, however, when butt implants need to be replaced or removed. Such situations include change in size of implants, capsular contracture, infection, butt implant revision, and when patients change their mind about having implants. In some of these situations, the implants are still intact, but they just need to be removed due to different causes.

Buttock Implant Surgery

The augmentation of the buttocks can be done through different surgical procedures, and one of them is through the use of implants. Nowadays, many women have chosen to get butt implants to make their buttocks look better. Butt implants are usually made of a solid but soft silicone material. They differ from silicone implants used for the breasts because they are tougher, and they are able to withstand the pressure caused by various activities of those who have them.

The butt implants come in a variety of shapes and sizes depending on what the patient wishes to achieve after the surgery. The implants will also be positioned in an area above the part you use to sit. They are usually placed under the muscles to make sure that they do not move and that they stay in their proper position.

To be able to place the implants into the cheeks of the buttocks, an incision will be made in the crease of the buttocks. With this position, the incision or the scar that will be formed will be hidden underneath a bathing suit or underwear. Usually, patients will be under general anesthesia when they go through the procedure.

Longevity of Butt Implants

Butt implants are different from breast implants because they are made of a solid piece rather than in fluid form. Being solid, they do not leak or rupture. Even if they are made of a solid silicone gel, they are still very soft. Due to this, they are more durable and tougher in nature. They would usually last for a very long time, and they can even last for a lifetime. Unlike the breast implants that need to be usually changed every ten years, the butt implants are not required to be changed at all unless there are some problems with them.

Replacement of Butt Implants

Due to the durability of the butt implants, they can serve their purpose for as long as the patients want them in their bodies. They are made to be permanent implants. That is why you won’t really need to regularly have them replaced if you do not have any problems with them. Usually, those who have them removed or replaced have developed problems with them or wish to get a smaller or a larger implant. Here are a few reasons why patients may have their implants replaced.

– Changing Butt Implant Sizes: Some patients may feel that the butt implants that they have are smaller than what they wished them to be. Although it would still be best to decide on the best size before the surgery is done, there are still some who change their mind with regards to the size of their butt implants. Patients may choose to get bigger or smaller implants and replace their current ones. There are also some people who wish to have large implants on their butts. However, there is a limit to the size that the buttocks can accommodate. Before larger implants are used, smaller ones are first inserted to determine how much the buttocks can accommodate. When the skin stretches, the implants can now be changed into the larger ones.

– Capsular Contracture: There are also patients who develop capsular contracture. This is when scar tissues that form around the implant tighten. To remedy this, patients go through another surgery to remove the scar tissue. The implants could also be replaced when they are already damaged or ruptured.

– Infection: When an infection develops and reaches the implants, the implants would need to be removed to make sure that the infection is properly treated. A replacement can be used once the infection is already completely gone.

– Butt Implant Revision: When the butt implants are not in their proper position or are already misshapen, there is a need for them to be removed and replaced to fix the contour or shape of the buttocks.

– Patient Decided to Remove Implants: Some patients may also change their mind about having butt implants and wish them to be completely removed. Although implants may still be intact and in a great condition, they can be removed because of the request of the patient.


There are lots of women who want to improve the size and shape of their buttocks. This can be done through different butt augmentation procedures. One technique makes use of butt implants in order to achieve the size and shape that patients want.

The butt implants are usually made of a solid silicone material that is tougher and more durable than breast implants. Unlike the breast implants that need to be changed every ten years, the butt implants are permanent, and there is no need to replace them at all.

In some cases, there might be a need to replace the butt implants because of the complications that develop or upon the request of the patient. Butt implants would usually be replaced when the patient wants to change the size of the butt implants, when there is capsular contracture or infection, during butt implant revision, or when the patient just decides to get rid of the implants completely.

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