Do butt implants sag over time?

Do butt implants sag over time?

12th Apr 2021

Small buttocks can be significantly improved by undergoing plastic surgery. There are two procedures that can be performed on patients who desire an augmentation of the rear end. One is fat transfer, and it entails the use of fat cells grafted to the buttocks. The other procedure makes use of implants to increase the size of the buttocks. 

The procedures are performed following different surgical plans and deliver different results. While the results of fat transfer are 100% natural, it is only by using implants that we can achieve a spectacular projection that people might want. Also, fat transfer only targets patients who have unwanted fat deposits in another area of the body that can be addressed with liposuction. Without a donor area for harvesting the fat, fat transfer is not possible.

When it comes to butt implant surgery, interested patients have different questions and concerns. One question we get rather often is whether butt implants sag over time. 

People now know that when using breast implants that are very big compared to the woman’s anatomy, chances are her breasts will start sagging and breast ptosis will occur earlier in life. This is the reason why asking whether butt implants sag over time makes a lot of sense and is a very good question.

To understand the difference in what will happen after getting breast and butt implants, we need to see the surgical method used for both procedures. In the case of breast implants, incisions are created to insert the implants in a pocket that is either behind the mammary gland or the pectoral muscle. Most common nowadays is the implant placement in a position called the dual plane: half behind the mammary gland and the other half behind the pectoral muscle. This placement of the implant gives the breasts a more natural look. 

When it comes to butt implants, incisions are also made to create pockets that will accommodate the implants. This time, the placement of the implants is inside the gluteal muscles or under the gluteal muscles. This means that it is rather unlikely that the butt implants will sag over time as the muscles of the buttocks won’t allow it. However, this doesn’t mean that the buttocks will look the same forever after butt implant surgery.

It is true that butt implants don’t need to be removed or replaced as they can be kept inside for a lifetime if no complications occur, but the appearance of the butt will be affected by the passing of time. The results of the procedure can be slightly impacted if the patient will undergo major weight fluctuations or develops a sedentary lifestyle. 

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