Do buttocks return to their original aspect after butt implants removal?

Do buttocks return to their original aspect after butt implants removal?

15th Apr 2018

The butt implant surgery is a procedure that helps augment the buttocks. It makes use of silicone implants that come in a variety of sizes. Although many love the results of their butt implant surgery, there are still those who are unhappy with it because they developed complications. This is why they choose to have the butt implants removed. But then again, there are those who have simply changed their mind about having the implants and want to go back to their original butt shape and size.

A butt implant removal is possible. Whether this is due to the preference of the patient or due to complications, the surgeon can indeed remove the implants. While it may sound simple, this decision should not be taken lightly. A common question about the implant removal procedure would be the appearance of the buttocks. Some worry that their buttocks will look worse than before, but all are still hoping that the buttocks go back to their original shape and size.

The results patients get after the removal varies. The elasticity of the skin and the degree of stretch the tissues received due to the implants play a role in it. Surgeons may also advise patients to wear compression garments in order to help the buttocks return to its original shape.

There are instances when the buttocks return to its original shape, but there are also times that it doesn’t. For those who still look like they have their implants even if it is already removed, this might mean that there are fluids accumulating. When this happens, it should be drained to help the butt return to its original shape. There may also be others who have deflated looking buttocks. Filling these with fat will help shape the buttocks.

Butt Implant Surgery

The butt implant surgery is one of the effective surgical procedures that can augment the buttocks. It uses silicone implants, which are inserted in each butt cheek in order to make it bigger. There are a variety of sizes to choose from to suit the patient’s preferences. This enables them to decide how big and shapely they want their buttocks to become.

The buttock implant surgery involves making an incision near the medial crease of the buttocks. This will give access to the muscles in the butt where the implants will be inserted. Most of the time, the implants are inserted under the muscles. This offers more support for the implant, and it also helps cover the implant so that it is less palpable.

The final results will be apparent only after the patient completely heals from the surgery. Some are very satisfied with the results, while there might also be others who are not because of the complications they develop. Sometimes, the complications go away with little intervention, but for others, it can be quite extreme to the point that they will be required to remove the implants altogether.

Butt Implant Removal

People who had buttock augmentation surgery with buttock implants may decide to have their implants removed for several reasons. Some do not have a choice because their health is at risk. Others may want them to be removed because they wanted to get the previous size and shape of their buttocks. Nonetheless, the buttock implants can be removed if need be.

The buttock implants can be removed through another surgery. For some the capsule would also be removed, especially if it has already hardened or if it is causing the problem. The recovery period would be longer for those who have complications because of the implants. This is because they will be undergoing a more intensive surgery than those who just want the implants out without complications.

Result Of Butt Implant Removal

Patients who are considering having their implants removed usually worry about the appearance of their buttocks after. Since, the buttocks of each person heal differently, the surgeon cannot ascertain how it will look like after removing the implants. For some, the buttocks will go back to their original appearance without any problems. On the other hand, there can also be some who don’t see their buttocks go back to normal.

In some cases, even if the butt implants are already removed, it will still seem like the butt implants are still there. This may be due to the capsule that was left in the butt. It is possible that the capsules are filled with fluid, thereby causing the buttocks to still seem like there are butt implants. If this happens, the fluid that has accumulated should be drained, and the capsule should also be removed so that the buttocks return back to its pre-implant appearance.

Most of the time, when the implants are removed, the butt cheeks look deflated. This may be due to the damage it took when the implants were placed or removed. In order to correct this, surgeons may suggest filling the butt with fat to improve its shape and avoid hollow or dimpling parts.

Usually, patients will see the results of the removal of the butt implants after 6 months. Some surgeons will also advise their patients to wear compression garments after the removal surgery in order to prevent too much fluid accumulation. If there is a need to repair the shape of the buttocks after the removal, it can only be done after the buttocks have healed. Ultimately, the final result of the shape of the buttocks will also depend on the elasticity of the patient’s skin and how far the tissue was stretched due to the implants.


The butt implant surgery will certainly make the buttocks look bigger. Unfortunately, there are times when it needs to be removed. Some may develop a complication that would require the removal of the implants. Others may personally choose to remove the implants because they prefer the original appearance of their buttocks.

The results seen after the butt implants are removed will vary from one patient to another. To help the buttocks return to normal, compression garments can be suggested by the surgeons. Some may also have elastic skin and less stretched tissue that help the buttocks return to its original shape without any problem.

For others, they may find that their buttocks still look like there are implants. This might be caused by an accumulation of fluid in the capsule of the implant. Draining this and preventing fluid from accumulating is the only way to get the original size and shape of the buttocks. Some may also have deflated looking buttocks. In this case, fat may be used to plump up the buttocks and give it a better shape. Taking all this into consideration, you should carefully consider all these things before even going through with the surgery in the first place because you may end up even more unhappy with your derrière.

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