Do G-Spot Injections Increased Sexual Pleasure?

16th Nov 2017

It’s not surprising that over the years, the g-spot has raised countless controversies. Some specialist had denied its existence while others defined it as an area of extreme excitability that can lead to orgasm just by a simple stimulation. But, can plastic surgery help us get more sexual pleasure by injection in the g-spot? For some women, the g-spot is easy to find, for other it is more difficult to localize. To be able to find it more easily we perform a technique that has a purpose to augment the area where this is placed. The hyaluronic acid or collagen injection can be used and the procedure is performed under local anesthesia. Many patients who benefited from the injection declared their orgasms are more intense now and their sex life has improved considerably. In order to understand more about this interesting topic make sure to watch the whole video:

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