Do I have to massage the breasts after breast enhancement surgery?

Do I have to massage the breasts after breast enhancement surgery?

16th Jun 2021

Breast enhancement surgery is often performed nowadays as it is the only efficient and safe method to get a visible improvement in the breasts that will last over time. There are different types of breast enhancement procedures, but it is mostly breast augmentation with implants that is very popular nowadays. 

Breast augmentation surgery can be performed with fat transfer and implants. When using implants, the plastic surgeon will make incisions (periareolar or in the inframammary fold) on the axilla to be able to insert the implant. The implants are inserted into a pocket created between the mammary gland and the pectoral muscle, under the pectoral muscle, or in an in-between position. Immediately after the surgery, the implant will be high on the chest wall, and the general appearance might be similar to that of a bodybuilder. This is normal and natural, and patients should understand that it can take some time for the breasts to soften and descend. This usually happens within two to three months after the surgery, but depending from patient to patient, it can also take longer. 

After the incisions are healed and closed, the plastic surgeon might advise you to massage the breasts after breast enhancement surgery. The massages should be done following a certain technique that will be demonstrated by the plastic surgeon or the medical staff. The massages are necessary to help the breasts descend, avoid capsular contracture, and even get a better-looking scar after the procedure.

Using a cream when massages are performed is not mandatory as the main reason for the massages is to help the implants settle in their internal pockets. After the implants are inserted into the pockets in the breasts, the body will work to form a fibrous tissue around them to isolate them from the surrounding tissues. Again, this is a normal and natural response of the body. However, in some cases, this fibrous capsule can become very hard and thicken, and it can lead to pain in the breasts and even the deformation of the shape of the breasts. To avoid this, the plastic surgeon might advise you to massage the breasts until they are healed and settled in their pockets. 

It is important to mention that massages should be done only if the plastic surgeon advises it and gives details about the technique to be used. There is a special type of breast implants that have a textured surface meant to adhere to the tissues. In this case, massaging the breasts is actually contraindicated as it can prevent the implants to settle properly. If you are wondering whether massages are a good idea in your particular case and also when would be a good time to start, ask your plastic surgeon about this. 

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