Do I have to sleep with a bra on after breast augmentation?

Do I have to sleep with a bra on after breast augmentation?

01st Dec 2020

Breast augmentation surgery is the only safe and effective procedure that can be used to get bigger breasts. It can be performed either using implants or the patient’s own fat cells that are harvested from other areas of the body. Whatever the breast augmentation method used, patients should know that the post-operative instructions are pretty much the same and they do need to be followed to the letter.

The most important thing that you can do to ensure the success of the procedure is to find the right plastic surgeon to play out your procedure. The second is to follow his instructions. 

Even if breast augmentation surgery is performed with the highest standards of quality, there are still chances that the results are altered if the patient doesn’t comply with all the requirements for post-op care. A responsible and experienced plastic surgeon will talk to you about what you need to do after the procedure even from the initial meeting. It is important for patients to understand that when the operation is over, it doesn’t mean that their breasts are now as they want them to be. The success of the procedure and achieving satisfactory is also dependent on what happens during the recovery period.

The recovery period after breast augmentation is about two weeks; however, the breasts are not completely healed by this time. Two weeks are necessary for the patient to recover from the surgical trauma and to resume daily activities and even work. But it can take up to a few months for patients to be allowed to resume more demanding physical activities. Also, keep in mind that complete healing and cicatrization of the scars after breast augmentation surgery can take up to six months or more if implants are used. 

Among the instructions that need to be followed after breast augmentation is performed is sleeping with a bra on. This might come as a surprise for many patients. Women with underdeveloped breasts hardly find the need to wear a bra during a day, so why wear it at night too?

After breast augmentation surgery, the new breasts need more support than before. The special post-op bra that the plastic surgeon will recommend or a good quality sports bra can give the breasts the level of support they need. Moreover, the breasts also need a certain level of compression after the surgery. The compression will help reduce swelling and promote faster healing. 

Generally speaking, the recommendation is to wear the special post-op bra non-stop for a minimum of three weeks post-op and only during the day for the same amount of time after. There is no need to sleep with the bra on after the healing process is completed, but make sure to wear it when performing physical exercises.

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