Do I Need A Breast Lift Or Not?

03rd Dec 2017

When confronted with imperfections of the breasts. It might be difficult for some women to decide beforehand what plastic surgery procedure they need to correct the issue. In most cases women desire a breast augmentation, but this should never be performed without a lift if there is sagginess present. Many women come asking if they need a breast lift or not aside from the breast augmentation. Dr. Cortes performs extensive measurements to be able to answer this question. If you want a quick answer get in front of the mirror and look at your breasts. Is an important part of the mammary gland under the level of the infra mammary fold? Are your nipples facing down? If the answer is yes to all or just one of these questions you’re probably confronted with breast sagginess and in need of breast lift. A consultation with your plastic surgeon will be required to diagnose if the breast ptosis is minor, moderate or severe.

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