Do i need butt implants to augment the buttocks

Do i need butt implants to augment the buttocks

09th May 2017

Buttock augmentation surgery is quite common nowadays because many women love to make their figure look sexier and curvier. When they cannot achieve the buttocks that they want with exercise, they turn to a more permanent solution, and that is through surgery. There are different kinds of butt augmentation surgeries. Finding the right one depends on the body of the patient and the results they want to get out of the procedure.

Patients who want to improve their buttocks through surgery should meet up with a certified surgeon for a consultation. This consultation enables the surgeon to know what the patient’s goals are. Through consultation, the patient and the surgeon will be able to figure out if butt implants are needed or if the results are achievable by going through another cosmetic procedure.

Buttock augmentation can be done successfully through fat transfer method or the butt implant procedure. The injection of silicone or other products aside from the patient’s own fat is highly discouraged by surgeons. In this method, the silicone is simply injected directly into the buttocks. It is a very dangerous procedure and is questionable because the injected products are not regulated. There is no way of telling whether it is really safe or unsafe.

Usually, those who go for butt implant surgery are those who wish to achieve augmentation but do not have enough fat in their body for the fat transfer procedure. Many surgeons would usually suggest patients to undergo the fat transfer procedure first because a patient’s own fat is less likely to cause a negative reaction to the body. This is especially true for patients who wish to have a more natural looking augmentation for their buttocks.

If a patient wishes to obtain a more prominent augmentation and the fat transfer procedure is not enough, the use of implants is suggested. This is also true for those who don’t have enough fat in their body to successfully go through the fat transfer procedure. It is also possible to combine the use of implants and the transfer of fat for the augmentation of the buttocks. This is done to obtain a more prominent augmentation and to make the implants less palpable by covering it with fat. The transferred fat may also help in shaping the buttocks into a more flattering one.

The buttock implants are available in different sizes and shapes. There are even implants that can be customized according to the specifications of the surgeons. This is to make sure that the implants can really be helpful in achieving the patient’s goal. The augmentation that can be done on the buttocks would also be limited due to the patient’s own anatomy. Some patients naturally have small buttocks that is why it is not possible to have a very large augmentation. It would be too difficult for the small muscles to accommodate a very large implant. The muscles are not as stretchable and elastic as the skin.

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