Do I need my parents’ approval to get a breast reduction?

Do I need my parents’ approval to get a breast reduction?

04th Oct 2021

As is the case with any plastic surgery procedure, parental approval is required if the patient is underage. When it comes to breast reduction surgery, it is often the case that teenage girls will want the procedure to be performed as soon as possible, despite their parents not being on board with their plans. 

There are multiple reasons why teenage girls would want to have the procedure. Having overly large breasts is painful business, and many young patients complain about having bruises on their shoulders all the time due to the bra straps that are always digging into their shoulders. Aside from difficulties in finding a bra that offers both support and a good level of compression, there are also issues with performing certain activities. It can be painful for girls to participate in sports and physical activities while in school because of the excessive volume of their breasts. It is common for girls with big breasts to suffer from neck, shoulder and back pain all the time and to find it difficult to perform tasks that are easier for others. Also, the lack of physical activities at this age can soon lead to fat accumulation and contribute to the patient becoming overweight. 

An issue that is not so often easy to discuss with girls so young is being technically a girl trapped inside a mature woman’s body. This can be associated with bullying in school, and they can also become the target of sexual harassment that are completely inappropriate for their age. These are just some of the reasons why young girls would want to undergo the procedure as soon as possible.

However, no matter how severe the breast atrophy is and how the patient feels, parents need to sign the consent and be on board with this mission. This is important also for the recovery period when the patient will need someone to look after her, especially in the first few days post-op when the pain and discomfort can be more intense.

Some of the parents of young girls with overly large breasts can be more open to the idea of undergoing plastic surgery to correct this, while others can be totally against it. Generally speaking, the best course of action would be for the patient to discuss things openly and honestly with the parents, as in many cases the parents have no idea how difficult it is to manage even day-to-day tasks when the breasts are so large. After a heartfelt discussion, the next best step would be to schedule a consultation with a talented and experienced, board-certified plastic surgeon who would be able to assess and evaluate the patient’s eligibility for the surgery. Keep in mind that undergoing plastic surgery to correct the size of the breasts before the breasts are fully developed can determine the need for additional surgery later on. 

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