Do i need the touch up injections after butt augmentation with fat?

Do i need the touch up injections after butt augmentation with fat?

28th Jan 2019

Do I Need The Touch Up Injections After Butt Augmentation With Fat?



Bigger, rounder, more curvaceous buttocks in a natural way? Is this really possible? It is nowadays with the development of modern plastic surgery. Butt augmentation with fat is an option for patients who want to get an increase in butt volume without having to face the potential complications associated with getting implants. The procedure is less invasive, safe when performed by an experienced, board-certified plastic surgeon, and boosts impressive results on patients with a normal weight.

Before scheduling, many patients want to know whether they would need touch-up injections after butt augmentation with fat. In this article, we will try to answer this question and also discuss all the details of fat grafting to the buttocks.


Pre-operative consultation

Just like any other plastic surgery procedure, the first step in getting the buttocks of your dreams with the help of fat transfer is getting a pre-operative consultation with the plastic surgeon. Even before scheduling the consultation, it is important for you to research the topic and make an idea of what is to be expected during and after the procedure. Moreover, read about the indications and contraindications. This will help you put together a list of topics to discuss with the plastic surgeon during the initial meeting.

I always advise patients to go prepared for the pre-operative consultation. The purpose of this consultation is indeed to give the patient all the necessary information about the procedure, but the meeting is more valuable for the patient if she already has an idea about what the plastic surgeon is talking about and certain topics to discuss in detail.

Aside from discussing the technical details, the plastic surgeon will also perform a medical examination and tell you what to expect in terms of results. The plastic surgeon will evaluate not only the condition of the tissues on the buttocks, but also your overall anatomy and areas of the body that can be targeted with liposuction to get the necessary amount of fat for transfer.

Patients often believe they have enough fat for multiple fat transfer sessions, but after the medical examination it becomes clear that there is actually a need for the patient to put on more weight to be eligible for fat transfer. To provide noticeable results, the amount of fat injected into each butt cheek must be accordingly to the height and weight of the patient. If we inject 200 cl of fat into the butt of a patient who is tall and athletic, chances are the results will not be really visible. Moreover, the patient needs to understand that not all the fat that is harvested with liposuction can be transferred to the buttocks. When extracted with the liposuction cannula, the fat is mixed with blood and other impurities, including damaged fat cells that can’t be used for the transfer. The plastic surgeon will explain during the pre-operative consultation that the fat collected needs to go through a complex purification process and only the purest fat cells will be used for transfer. This means that only a smaller amount of fat can be grafted into the buttocks.

It is also the plastic surgeon’s responsibility to make you aware of the fact that not all the fat that is injected into the buttocks survives in the new environment. Generally speaking, 30% of the fat injected (or even more in some cases) will be absorbed by the body in the first two months following the procedure. During this time the rest of the fat should get a new blood network that will ensure its survival in the buttocks.


Discussing the results

An important part of the pre-operative consultation is discussing the aesthetic results that the patient wants to achieve with the procedure. It is crucial for the success of the procedure and the satisfaction of the patient to understand exactly what can be expected in terms of results and what is considered reasonable expectations.

Before anything else, you should understand that when using implants to create the augmentation, things are simple: the implant has a certain volume that automatically makes your butt bigger. The results are easy to estimate, and there are no surprises. But when it comes to fat transfer, the shape of the buttocks, as well as the size, are different after the procedure. The results are dependent on a higher level on the anatomy of the patient compared to butt implant surgery. The plastic surgeon will estimate to extract a certain quantity of fat from the donor areas, but the amount might be different from the estimation considering the fact that the patient can gain or lose weight between the pre-operative consultation and the surgery’s date.

Butt implants can only be inserted into the upper part of the butt cheek as this is where the muscles that will accommodate the implants are. The fat is transferred in different areas of the buttocks and at different depths to ensure its survival. This means that the results might be impressive in terms of shape but not very visible in terms of augmentation. This is the reason why many patients want to know if touch-up injections will be needed.


Touch-up injections

There are certain cases in which the plastic surgeon might recommend touch-up injections, such as when:

  1. There are slight asymmetries in the buttocks after the initial procedure
  2. The patient wants a more considerable increase in buttock size

Slight asymmetries are always possible after the procedure. This doesn’t necessarily mean the plastic surgeon lacked skills or talent. The occurrence mostly happens when significant amounts of fat are injected and the asymmetries become visible after the percentage of fat that gets reabsorbed by the body disappears. Not following the plastic surgeon’s recommendations can also result in asymmetries. The recommendations that should be followed to the letter are not sleeping or sitting on the buttocks or back for at least three weeks after the procedure and also to wear compression garments. Doing otherwise could cause the fat injected to die and leave behind asymmetries.

The correction of these asymmetries can be done several months after the initial procedure when the final results transpire, and it involves touch-up injections of fat.

If the patient realizes that she wants a more considerable augmentation after the results of the initial procedure occur, then touch-up injections might be needed. In this case, the procedure will just be repeated until the patient achieves the results desired. This is possible only if the patient has enough fat tissue in the donor areas to allow for another transfer to the buttocks.



The procedure known as buttock lipofilling or fat transfer to the buttocks provides a more harmonious silhouette by removing the excess pockets of fat often localized on the abdominal area while increasing the volume and improving the shape of the buttocks. It is a minimally invasive procedure that delivers fast and natural results. The procedure is generally performed under general anesthesia and lasts between one and three hours. The patient can return home the same day if no complications occur.

Touch-up injections with fat can be done after the initial butt augmentation if the patient is left with slight asymmetries or wants to increase the size of the buttocks furthermore. Some plastic surgeons even prefer to inject a smaller quantity of fat and in repeated sessions to ensure the fat survives in the new environment and the fat absorption rate stays low.

When touch-up injections are needed, what happens is that the plastic surgeon will perform the same steps as the initial procedure. However, sometimes different areas will be treated with liposuction to get the necessary amount of fat if the patient is left without an excess of fat on the areas initially targeted with liposuction.


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