Do i need to wear a bra after breast reduction?

Do i need to wear a bra after breast reduction?

08th Jul 2019



Breast reduction is an effective and a major operation. As the name suggests, this operation is used to reduce the size of overly large breasts. When the breasts grow out of proportion and become huge, it can affect your self-esteem and quality of life. The condition can also trigger pain in different localized areas of your body, such as the back and shoulders. If your breasts have become huge and you are experiencing problems as a result of your huge breasts, you may undergo breast reduction surgery.

The procedure decreases breast size by removing the surplus glandular tissue, fat, and skin. This operation has an excellent record of delivering valid and reliable outcomes. Many patients who get breast reduction are often curious about the recovery period and life after the surgery. One thing that many women ask is whether they need to wear a bra following the breast reduction procedure. 


Breast reduction 

Before telling you whether and when you can wear a bra after breast reduction, it is important to tell you what the procedure involves. When you understand the procedure, you will be in a better position to understand the dynamics of wearing a bra after the operation. Breast reduction surgery is traumatic because it involves incisions. During the operation, the plastic surgeon will remove the excess fat, skin, and tissue from the breasts that are responsible for the increased size and weight of the breasts.

As a result of the incisions and removal of the excess tissue from the breasts, your breasts will be swollen after the procedure. You will also experience pain and discomforts in your breasts due to the procedure’s trauma. It can take two weeks for the primary recovery period, whereas complete recovery can take about six weeks. The swelling will subside gradually over the course of many weeks and months. 


Wearing the surgical compression bra

Many patients worry about whether it is appropriate to wear a bra after the procedure and during the recovery period. Right after the breast reduction procedure, the patient is required to wear a surgical bra. The surgical bra is specially designed to provide support to the breasts, reduce the post-operative swelling, speed up the healing, and hold your newly operated breasts in place until the healing period is complete. 

Depending on what your surgeon recommends, you may be required to wear compression bras made for breast surgery patients or a wire-free bra. In most cases, the surgical bra is recommended. It is vital for the patient to follow the surgeon’s instructions when it comes to wearing a bra after the procedure. If you have been advised to wear a surgical compression bra, you must wear it for the recommended period or until your breasts have fully healed. 

The surgical bra comes with many benefits. One of the most important benefits is that it helps to decrease the post-operative swelling. In other words, it speeds up the removal of the swelling. The post-operative swelling is a typical reaction of your body against the surgical trauma. It indicates that your body is healing and things are on course for good. 

The post-operative swelling takes typically many weeks and even months to disappear. How soon it can go depends on how well you heal. If you are careful during the recovery period, the swelling will subside sooner. However, the use of the surgical bra can help the swelling disappear within weeks, rather than months. 

Secondly, the surgical bra is designed to keep your newly contoured breasts intact. The bra will compress your breasts, which will give the ligaments, skin, muscles, and tissue enough time to heal. If the surgical bra is not used, your breasts may be at risk of being abnormally shaped. When your breasts heal, it is safe to remove the bra and you will notice aesthetic improvements in your breasts, some of the credit for which goes to the use of the surgical compression bras. 

In most cases, patients are required to wear the compression bra for six weeks after the surgery. However, depending on your surgeon’s instructions and judgment and how well your breasts heal, you may be required to wear the bras for even months after the surgery.


Wearing regular bras

After your breasts have completely healed and the surgeon allows you to wear your regular bras, you will find out that your previous bras are no more of use because your breasts have decreased in size and your old bras are now too large to hold your breasts. Now, this is the time to go on a bra shopping spree. However, it is crucial for the patient to get the plastic surgeon’s opinion on the cup size idea for you first.

You must listen to the surgeon’s instructions instead of assuming that whatever you decide about the bra cup size will be best for you. Keep in mind that wearing the wrong bra cup size can affect the shape of your breasts. It is essential to select your bra carefully. 

You should also keep in mind that the breast size before and after any breast surgery is measured in CCs, instead of cup sizes. As such, you need to have your new breast size measured in CCs and then converted into cup size. Your plastic surgeon is your go-to resource for this. But if that is not possible for you, then you may use any reliable and trusted bra-fitting calculator.

While measuring your new cup size, you should not panic if your new cup size turns out to be the same or even substantial than before. Women with overly grown breasts often wear the wrong bra cup size to make their breasts compressed and appear smaller. For example, if your breasts were DD, they may be DDD or H cups. You merely clutched your breasts into the wrong bra size to hide your massive breasts. 

Choosing the right bra cup size after breast reduction surgery can be overwhelming and even a daunting task. But you must keep in mind not to be in a rush. Instead, you should experiment with different bras and run a trial and error to find the bra that best suits your newly contoured breasts. Once you find the right bra cup size, you will be satisfied because you will feel more relaxed in it and appear aesthetically welcoming and sexy. 


Is breast reduction necessary?

In most cases where women have overly developed breasts, breast reduction surgery becomes both an aesthetic and medical necessity. For example, if you have huge breasts and experience lower self-esteem and the condition is creating physical pain for you, it is time you should go under the knife. 

But many women are frustrated with their breasts when they don’t even have huge breasts. They often complain that they are experiencing pain in the shoulders or back or neck. The actual reason for the pain in many cases is that women wear the wrong bra size. 

For example, when you wear an incorrectly fitted bra, it can lead to pain in the shoulders, neck, and back. But those women often attribute the pain to their large breasts, whereas in many cases of large breasts, the symptoms are a result of incorrect bra size. Large breasts do not need to be treated via breast reduction. Instead, the procedure is meant to address huge or overly large breasts that look abnormal and are the primary source of localized body pain. 

In light of the above narration, you must first check whether your bra size is appropriate for your breasts instead of rushing to get a breast reduction. Remember, a proper bra size can remove the physical pain in localized areas of your body like the neck and shoulder at a little price compared to the breast reduction surgery.

However, when it turns out that the pain does not disappear even after wearing the right bra size, then you may consult with a plastic surgeon to explore your options. The plastic surgeon will examine your breasts and assess the source of physical and emotional pain and then tell you whether you need to get a breast reduction surgery. 



Breast reduction surgery is an effective treatment for overly grown breasts that look abnormal and even trigger pain in different areas of the body. One of the common questions that many patients ask is whether they can wear a bra after the surgery. The answer is that you will be required to wear a surgical compression bra for many weeks following breast reduction. Doing so is necessary to reduce the swelling, speed up the recovery, and keep you safe from different complications. When your breasts have healed, you may resume wearing a regular bra. However, be sure to buy new bras with a cup size appropriate for your new breasts. Your surgeon can help you know your new cup size after the surgery. 


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